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Fujian Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital and Industrial Bank Released “M&C in Hand” Collaboratively

Source: fj.xinhuanet.com 

 Xinhuanet, Fuzhou, June 2 (Journalist: Kang Miao) On June 1, the “M&C in Hand” jointly developed by Fujian Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital and Industrial Bank Fuzhou Branch was launched officially. This project aims to apply the mobile portability of mobile phone into the process of medical service, thus achieving the information-based medical resources and diversified medical service models.

On that day, the hospital took a range of convenient measures to improve the experience of common people when receiving treatment in the hospital: extend the medical resources by increasing outpatient service shifts and booking number pool; provide self-service machines at outpatient service hall and admission office to facilitate booking, inquiry and top-up of patients; expand the service hotline 87557800 to facilitate the consulting and complaint of patients and enhance communication between the hospital and patients.

“It is very convenient to use! Usually, I have to come to the hospital early to wait after making a booking, and I don’t know how long I will wait. It's better now. I can handle booking and registration, top up for advance payment, and learn real-time information on the waiting progress at my home and company via mobile phone. I can come to the hospital when it’s about my turn, and it can save a lot of time.” said Ms Zhao who tried the application of “M&C in Hand” on the site.

The service of the “M&C in Hand” launched this time, Shi Zuolin, President of the hospital, indicated, covers mainly two mobile applications: hospital APP and public WeChat account, of which patients can choose the proper application platform according to their own needs. “Our aim is to enable patients to finish the formalities for registration and top-up at their homes and spend their time in shopping malls around, guide them to the floors for examination, assay, treatment and pharmacy immediately after consulting the doctor, check the examination and assay results without coming to the hospital, and notify pregnant women and children the items of physical examination at the best time. We will try our best to save your waiting time in the hospital and reduce the unnecessary trips to the hospital.”

With the service offered by the “M&C in Hand”, patients can also access other functions including pre-registration of social insurance card, online waiting and smart hospital guide, etc. with their mobile phones apart from the above-mentioned booking, registration and top-up for advance payment. In addition, they can check various medical documents online with the APP, such as assay report, treatment record, list of fees and record of maternal and child health care.

“M&C in Hand” is another innovation after the “Bank-hospital Pass” (a new self-service terminal service) was launched by IB Fuzhou Branch in October 2013, which will bring substantial changes to the situation that patients have to wait in long queue and find it difficult to access doctors in hospital.