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Industrial Bank Ranked No. 40 in the List of Fortune China 500

The US magazine Fortune (Chinese) released the 2015 list of Fortune China 500 on July 8, 2015 (Beijing Time). Industrial Bank (IB) ranked No. 40 in the general list with its operating income of RMB 124.9 billion, moving up 2 positions over the previous year. Meanwhile, the bank ranked front both in the lists of “Most Profitable 40 Companies of Fortune China 500” and “Companies with the Highest Profit Margins of Fortune China 500” with its profits of RMB 47.138 billion.

Keeping a good profit level and high competitive edges with its business achievements in transformation in adapting to the market-oriented trend, IB has climbed the ranking from No. 80 to No. 40 over the 6 years since the initiation of the list in 2010. As revealed by data, in the period the operating income of the bank increased by RMB 93.2 billion, up by 294%; the profits increased by RMB 33.9 billion, up by 255%. In addition, in another sublist of “Companies with the Highest Profit Margins of Fortune China 500”, IB ranked No. 14, seeing an annual growth of 37.7% on average in terms of net profits. Moreover, with its return on equity hitting 18.3%, the bank ranked No. 2 among all listed banks.

The appraisal of Fortune China 500 ranking covers all Chinese companies listed both at home and abroad, with 6 lists released up to now. All reference data come from the information of listed companies disclosed officially by securities exchanges, taking the accounting data based on the Chinese accounting standards as preferred ones and those based on the international accounting standards as optional ones.