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Industrial Bank Launched the “Trump for Hospital”, an Attempt at “Internet+”

  Chen Li, who lives in Jinshan, came to Fujian Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital at 10:15 am. Though it’s her turn to see the doctor 10 minutes later, she seemed in great calm. 

“As the hospital released the ‘Trump for Hospital’, I have completed the registration with WeChat via my mobile phone. Thus, I can come out to the hospital based on the scheduled time, rather than being pressed for time.” Chen Li said, before she had to get up early and hurried to the hospital to make registration, and then waited for more than 1 hour to see the doctor. But now, the experience is unimaginable.

The “Trump for Hospital” mentioned by Chen Li is actually the service platform of “M&C in Hand” jointly launched by Industrial Bank (IB) Fuzhou Branch and Fujian Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital, which includes two mobile applications, hospital APP and public WeChat account. With the platform, patients can go through the formalities for appointment and registration, self-help top-up, waiting, and hospital guide and viewing the test reports and doctor’s advice via mobile terminals such as mobile phone and IPAD while without going out.

This is another innovative measure of the “Bank-hospital Pass” project of IB to alleviate the problem of “difficult access to doctors” substantially with the new service model of “Internet + Finance + Medicare”. Since its launch on June 1 this year, there have been more than 20,000 registered people, with the transactions exceeding 5,000 in total.

A “Mobile Hospital” in Pocket

Once upon a time, patients and their family members used to sigh, “If I could make registration on my mobile phone, it would be great!” Now, the wish becomes reality.

The “M&C in Hand” launched recently by IB Fuzhou Branch, including two mobile applications, hospital APP and public WeChat account. With the service platform, users can go through the formalities for registration, appointment, and top-up, and view the test reports anywhere and anytime simply with their fingers, finishing all the procedures for treatment in the hospital easily. It is equivalent to installing a “mobile hospital” in the pocket. To put the offline medical service online (O2O) can shunt patients requiring medical treatment effectively, improve the efficiency to use medical resources and enhance the experience of patients.

“The project cannot be put into operation smoothly without the financial support offered by IB Fuzhou Branch.” Shi Zuolin, President of Fujian Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital, told the reporter that the hospital would receive nearly 5,000 patients each day, resulting in problems like long waiting for treatment, which have troubled patients a lot. For this reason, IB proposed the concept of “M&C in Hand”. Jointly developed by IB Fuzhou Branch and the hospital, “M&C in Hand” lessens a range of nagging problems in seeing doctors. With the platform, patients can not only make appointment and registration at home, but also enjoy such services as online waiting and smart hospital guide. In this way, one can learn online which patient is consulting the doctor with whom he or she has made an appointment and thus the waiting time on the site can be reduced. With the active push service of the system, patients can learn in advance which consulting rooms they will visit for examination and what examinations they will receive. After examination, they can inquire medical documents online, such as test report, treatment record, list of fees and record of maternal and child health care.

Li Jianning, Vice General Manager of the Corporate Finance Cash Management Department of IB Fuzhou Branch indicated, currently patients can make online payment with UnionPay cards for an amount up to RMB 5,000 without activating the internet banking service. In the future, the “M&C in Hand” will offer other functions in succession such as payment of fees via WeChat and Alipay, which is more secured and convenient with money received on a real-time basis. Meanwhile, the platform will also be launched in other major hospitals in the city at proper time.

The “Bank-hospital Pass” alleviates the pressure of hospital visit

The “difficult access to doctors” has always remained a conspicuous social problem now.

As early as 2013, IB Fuzhou Branch took the lead to research the product design that infuse the concepts of “internet+”, interconnection, sharing and win-win, into the area of medical care, with a view to alleviating the problem of “difficult access to doctors”. In that year, the branch launched the “Bank-hospital Pass” cash management service solution in Fujian Provincial Hospital, and set up self-service terminal machines of “Bank-hospital Pass” there to mitigate the problems in seeing doctors such as long queuing time and long waiting time by way of self-service registration and fees payment. In addition, it also promoted the solution in over 10 regional key hospitals in succession such as the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, Fujian Provincial People’s Hospital and Fujian Provincial Tumor Hospital.

Unlike the conventional self-service terminals of hospitals, which only support the fees payment service with bank cards of some banks, the self-service terminal of “IB Bank-hospital Pass” can accept all bank cards with the symbol of “UnionPay”. Requiring no bundling, it can be used easily and conveniently in a way similar to the card-swiping mode of POS, without charging any handling fees. Thus, a patient can finish top-up, fees payment and settlement with any of UnionPay cards.

The “M&C in Hand” launched this time can be regarded as another innovation effort based on the “IB Bank-hospital Pass”. Moving the latter from offline to online into the “pocket” of citizens, it brings further convenience to patients by making use of relevant financial payment technology based on “internet+”.

Improving the experience of hospital visit through to the end

To enhance the life of people via technology, IB has never ceased on the road of improving the experience of hospital visit.

In complementation with the “M&C in Hand” and “Bank-hospital Pass”, IB Fuzhou Branch developed the first platform of “All-in-one Medical Payment Card” in China in collaboration with YLZ Information Technology Co., Ltd. at the beginning of this year, offering services of medical treatment, financial payment and medical insurance settlement. The platform can provide general one-card service of medical payment across areas and hospitals, creating a new pattern in which everyone can enjoy the service in different hospitals and can swipe the card in every connected hospital.

It is said that the platform, depending on the social security card owned by everyone, establishes a special medical payment account for patients visiting hospitals, who can enjoy the one-card settlement service with their social security cards at the links of registration, examination and assay, and prescription in different hospitals via a variety of terminals such as self-service machine, internet, and smart mobile phone. It successfully solves the problem that advance payment cannot be used across hospitals.

Li Jianning said: “Without opening a new card, citizens are only required to bundle their social security cards to a third-party payment account, and then they can use the advance payment in different hospitals with only one card. While providing high guarantee for the security of funds, the platform boasts a high compatibility.”

Up to now, the platform has been launched in Fujian Provincial People’s Hospital, Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University and Union Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University. In the future, it will be copied and promoted in other major hospitals across Fujian Province and in the areas of public service and personal consumption.

From the “Bank-hospital Pass”, the offline self-service terminal machine, to the “All-in-one Medical Payment Card”, which can be used across hospitals, and to the “M&C in Hand” which can be operated in hand, IB has actively embraced the “internet+” to make constant innovation, continuously contributing to pushing medical reform and offering one-stop health service for the common people with its financial wisdom while providing integrated financial service for the building of information-based hospitals.