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Application for Credit Card of Industrial Bank Only by Scanning with Your Mobile Phone

Without going to any banking outlet, one can apply for a credit card only by scanning the QR code with his or her mobile phone, and the card can be received within as fast as three days. In the age of internet+, it is so free to apply a credit card!

Recently, Industrial Bank (IB), relying on the mobile platform for smart phones, opened the channel of “credit card application via interactive mobile internet”, issuing cards via QR code. As long as meeting the requirement of “one phone for two persons” – a mobile phone, the applicant per se and an officer of IB, one can apply for a credit card easily. It is the first one of this type of channels in the industry.

According to the introduction of an officer of IB Credit Card Center, to finish the application procedure, a customer only needs to scan the QR code below or follow the WeChat service account of “IB Credit Card Center”, key in “interactive QR code” to obtain the special QR code, scan the code to enter the page for application of credit card, and fill in the application information online. The card can be approved and issued within as short as two business days, thus shortening the waiting time of the customer from “excitement” to “action” to the largest extent. Meanwhile, in order to protect the information security of customers, they will be accompanied by credit card officers of IB in the whole course.

This innovative method for applying IB credit cards, some insiders indicate, gets through the key route for connecting the offline promotion links and examination and approval links for credit cards, achieving “direct linkage” between the card applicants and the issuer. It is good news for customers who think that it is difficult, complicated and time-consuming to apply for credit cards.

In the interviews of the reporter, many consumers gave high comments to the innovative application model of IB characterized by “handling upon scanning”. It is said that up to now, over 50 customers have tried the new application model. Of the credit cards applied, the first wearable mobile payment product in China, “IB Dynamic” credit card, is very popular. The most eye-catching feature of the card is that credit card points are rewarded for calories, an innovative benefit initiated by IB. Namely, users can constantly receive credit card points only by doing exercise without making any consumption. In addition, cardholders can also, with IB credit cards or rewarded points, fully enjoy a large variety of preferential activities such as “Exchange a Starbucks drink with 6,000 points”, special treatment for 10 designated credit cards, cash back for overseas internet shopping at selected stores.