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Activate Pension - Hot Sale of IB's “Pension Security Management Products”

“Minimum purchase of RMB 10,000, no need to sign agreement over bank counter, reference maximum ROI of 5.58%” - On Oct. 23, Money Manager, IB's comprehensive wealth management platform on the internet, released new pension security product “Wealthy Life” together with PingAn Insurance. Connected to PingAn's pension security management fund, the product was so highly pursued by investors that it was sold out in less than half hour.

As introduced by staff of IB's Banking Cooperation Center, “Wealthy Life” pension security product is exclusive for wallet payment by combining internet finance and pension products. The users can purchase the product from the cash management tool “Manager's Wallet” on the “Money Manager”, and the fund will be returned to “Manager's Wallet” automatically upon maturity and enjoy the benefits.

In the subscription period, investors can also enjoy the proceeds in “Manager's Wallet” automatically, which is far higher than the proceeds from current accounts of wealth management products in the subscription period of traditional banks. As a star monetary fund, the 7-day annualized yield rate of “Manager's Wallet” on average in 2014 was 5.11%, ranked No.1 of monetary funds with AUM of RMB 50 billion and above. ,

Different from traditional banking wealth management product and fund investment, “Wealthy Life” product responds to social demand of “realizing returns stably” for pension security products, catering the needs of multilevel customers for safe, stable and considerable returns.

It is reported that, as a professional and comprehensive wealth management platform, constructed by IB and over 520 financial institutions in China, the “Money Manager” has strict risk access and control system, and is dedicated to creating a safe product system of rich features and sound risk controls for investors. As a leading pension investment institution in the industry, PingAn Pension has a well-established risk management system, and implements specialized management and separate accounting on “Wealthy Life” fund strictly according to regulatory requirements, thus ensuring the capital safety of investors.

“In the future, we will continue to work with top-class pension insurance company, combine internet finance facilities and professional investment, and make constant innovation in quality pension products, thus meeting growing demands on pension security investment”, said the person in charge of IB's Banking Cooperation Center.