Industrial Bank Subsidizes Five Thousand Impoverished Students of Fujian Colleges and Universities within Ten Years

On the afternoon of June 16th when the college entrance examination of 2017 was just over, the Charity Federation of Fujian Province held the signing ceremony of the "Industrial Bank Charity Scholarship" in Fujian Hall, in which the Industrial Bank (IB) promised to donate RMB 5 million to the Fujian Charity Federation and help the impoverished undergraduate students of five universities including Xiamen University to finish their studies. By the end of 2016, the bank had donated RMB 20 million to the Fujian Charity Association, and the number of needy students it subsidized had reached 5,000.

"IB Charity Scholarship" project was created by IB in 2007 relying on Fujian Charity Federation, which donated RMB 2 million yuan each year to support 100 impoverished college students respectively in five universities: Xiamen University, Fuzhou University, Jimei University, Fujian Normal University and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. The feedback of those five universities shows that in the past ten years, many students supported by "IB Charity Scholarship" project have already become the excellent talents in various fields of the nation after they started their career and made great contribution to the "New Fujian Construction" initiative.

At the signing ceremony, the Fujian Charity Federation issued a donation certificate and plaque to dub IB "Charity Model". Chen Xinjian, the Vice President of IB, said that the bank would make efforts to achieve rapid and healthy development and at the same time always uphold the corporate development concept of "showing obligations in profits". IB is committed to becoming a responsible financial enterprise, permeating the concept of social responsibility to all aspects of banking development strategy and operation management, and actively promoting the economic construction and social development of the country, initiating and practicing inclusive finance, and always taking the responsibility of supporting and participating in social welfare undertakings. He also indicated the hope that there would be more enterprises participating in the supporting of charity cause.

As the national shareholding commercial bank headquartered in Fujian, after 30 years of development, IB is also the only financial entity of Fujian listed in the Top 30 Global Banks as well as Fortune Global 500. It has formed a charity mechanism featuring “education donation”, “disaster fund” and “poverty alleviation fund”. The bank actively feeds Fujian Province and carries out various charity projects: including establishing “IB Charity Scholarship”, “IB Scholarship for Next Generation” and having assisted national poverty-stricken counties and the key counties of Fujian Province in poverty alleviation for many years. According to the statistics, IB has accumulatively donated RMB 12 billion to the society, and has been rewarded “China Charity Award for Outstanding Contribution”, “National Love Enterprise” and many other titles for the past three years.

The opening ceremony was attended by more than 100 people, including Zhang Guangmin, the deputy director of Fujian Standing Committee of the NPC, Ye Jiasong, the president of Fujian Charity Federation, Chen Xinjian, the vice president of IB, and the heads of Fujian Department of Civil Affairs, Education Department, Xiamen University, Fuzhou University, Jimei University, Fujian Normal University and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, as well as student representatives of these five universities.