Industrial Bank Party Committee Learns and Implements the Spirit of the National Conference on Financial Work

On July 18, Gao Jianping, the Secretary of the Party Committee and the board chairman of Industrial Bank (IB) held the enlarged meeting of the Party Committee to communicate and learn the spirit of the National Conference on Financial Work (“Conference”), and study on the suggestions of implementation.

During the meeting, it was believed that our financial industry had obtained outstanding achievements under the firm leadership of the CPC led by Mr. Xi Jinping since the 18th CPC National Congress. The important speech of the Chairman Xi Jinping made in the Conference deeply analyzed the economic and financial situations at home and abroad and the mission of our financial industry, reasonably explained the important role of finance in the economic society and national development, systematically put forward the guiding ideas and important principles of achieving excellent financial performance, and comprehensively discussed a series of major issues such as enhancing the efficiency and level of financial services in facilitating the entity economy, prevention and protection against financial risks, and the deepening of financial reform and opening. The speech is strategically intensive and substantial, offering a guideline and basic principles for the financial work under the New Normal of economic development.

The Conference emphasized that we have to intensify the CPC leadership upon financial work, insist on the key note of stable progressing and follow the financial development rules, and made specific and clear requests on the overall financial layout of the next stage. The whole system of IB will take the learning and implementation of the spirit of the Conference as the most important task, align our mindset and operations with the central analysis, judgment and decisions on financial work, decisively implement the spirit and deployment of the Conference and further complete financial work nicely and stably.

Gao Jianping, the Secretary of the Party Committee and the board chairman of IB, proposed the following four key points regarding the full implementation of the spirit of this Conference:

First, the entire bank shall dig deeply into and earnestly implement the spirit. We have to earnestly learn and deeply understand the spirit of the Conference and carry out all management and operation work under its leadership; advocate a strong sense of political responsibility, a progressive attitude and a practical work style to fully promote the operation transformation and stable development of the bank, truly put all the central decisions and working requirements into practice and truly complete all the missions given by the Conference.

Second, the bank shall firmly seek the origin to improve the efficiency and level of serving the entity economy in an all-round way. All the institutions and branches of the bank shall uphold a correct operation concept, adapt themselves to the requirements on the structural reform of supply side, root in the entity economy, focus on their main business and do their part, thus actually base financial services on facilitating the entity economy; progressively develop the green finance, supply side finance, micro- and small-enterprise finance, inclusive finance; continuously improve and perfect financial supply, help enterprises remove leverages and reduce cost; continuously enhance the awareness of financial services, service efficiency and service level, so as to better fulfill the multifarious financial demands of the public and the entity economy.

Third, the bank shall pay more attention to preventing and controlling various risks and timely alleviate potential hazards. We shall actually enhance the awareness of risks, continuously build a culture of compliance, fully intensify a long-term mechanism of compliance and internal control that covers all processes, segments and parts; allow risk management to penetrate into every stage of operation, further consolidate the business “fire wall” to protect the healthy and sustainable business development. We shall add up the efforts in the detection and elimination of financial risks, make sure risks are detected, warned and removed in the early stage; control the risks in an earnest and scientific way and release the pressure of risks in order, so as to safeguard the financial security of the state.

Fourth, the bank shall intensify the CPC's leadership on the bank and make sure our course is in the right direction. We shall firmly set up the “Four Awareness”, consistently place the development of IB on the basis of CPC leadership and enhanced party construction and include it into company governance; give full play to the political and leading core of the Party Committee and encourage grassroot party organizations to play the role of battle outpost and exemplary models, so as to usher us into a new era of banking development and welcome the 19th National Party Congress with excellent scores.