Industrial Bank Wins Another “Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility Award”

Recently, the sixth “China Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility Award” hosted by Daily Mirror revealed its results in Hong Kong. By virtue of the outstanding performance in fulfilling its social responsibilities in shareholder liability, employee care, client commitment and environmental protection as well as its great efforts in social harmony and sustainable development, Industrial Bank (IB) became the only banking group of Chinese Mainland that successively won the “Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility Award”.

As the first equator bank of China with many years of developmental practice, IB reconsiders the corporate social responsibility from a strategical point of view, implements the corporate mission of “finding the way for financial reform and contributing to economic construction”, acts out the modern commercial ethics of “showing obligations in profits” and blazes a trail of differentiated and sustainable development as a commercial bank.

The “Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility Award” held by the Daily Mirror has witnessed its sixth edition with an aim to recognize responsible enterprises more widely and fairly, allow the global society to more understand Chinese enterprises, and share and promote good practice of corporate social responsibility, so as to make a contribution to the healthy, harmonious and sustainable development of the society.

Multifarious innovation and social responsibility practice

By supporting the “Belt and Road”, the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and other national strategies for these years, IB has been actively engaged in major national strategies and projects concerning people’s well-being, and actually functioned as a financial “booster” and “feeder” of the entity economy. Meanwhile, IB insists on the “client-oriented” service philosophy, proposed the tenet of “making finance warmer”, actively promotes the development of green finance and inclusive finance, creates the resource-sharing and mutually-winning mode of interbank platform, and aggressively develops the pension finance and services for micro- and small-sized enterprises.

Green finance is the intuitive reflection of the social responsibility practice of a commercial bank. As a pioneer of green finance in China with 11 years of experience, IB has secured its position as a leader of green finance in China and formed a system of multifarious and abundant green finance products and services. Changing from a “green bank” to a “green financial group”, IB is committed to making itself a globally leading green finance service provider. By the end of 2016, IB has accumulatively provided RMB 1 trillion of green financing to support the construction of a "Beautiful China”. All of its supported projects can save 26,470,000 tons of standard coal, save 74,080,000 tons of CO2 emission and save 304 million tons of water each year.

The proprietary interbank platform of IB makes inclusive finance more intuitive. The interbank platform upholds the business concept of “a common platform to share resources and achieve win-win results through joint construction”, connects nearly 800 small and medium-sized financial institutions and more than 46000 outlets, thus spreading modern financial services to third-tier and fourth-tier cities, rural areas and remote areas. In order to fight against the aging of population, IB was first bank to include pension finance into its strategical business, and launched “Enjoyable Life”, China's first comprehensive financial scheme designed to care and serve the aged. By the end of December 2016, IB has served totally more than 11.66 million aged clients.

IB also actively explores the construction mode of “credit factory” for micro- and small-sized enterprises, spares no effort in fostering a financial service that covers the whole life span of micro- and small-sized enterprises, supports the "popular entrepreneurship and innovation" initiative by combining equities and bonds. Now it has 418,000 micro and small-sized clients (defined by IB) and RMB 95.009 billion of loan balance for them.

Engaged in the construction of a harmonious society without forgetting the initial motive

Sticking to the spirit of "making aggressive efforts to win” and growing from a struggling bank located in the Southeast of China, to a leading shareholding commercial bank of China, one of the Top 50 Global Banks, Top 100 Global Listed Companies and Top 500 Global Enterprises, IB upholds its initial motive and has been devoted to various construction activities for a harmonious society for all these years.

In terms of poverty alleviation, IB has taken the advantage of the group and kept up exploration and innovation, thus changing from the “extensive alleviation” mode to the “precise alleviation” mode. In 2016, IB formed a financial poverty alleviation steering group led by the president Tao Yiping, and formulated the Development and Service Scheme of Industrial Bank on Financial Poverty Alleviation, so as to refine the implementation paths from poverty alleviation in products, industries, channels, education and appointed areas. By setting a financial center for dairy industry in Inner Mongolia, a financial center for agricultural industry in Heilongjiang, a financial center for forestry industry in Guangxi, IB utilizes the financial centers in different areas to have specialized operation in line with local characteristics, serves local clients more accurately and leads undeveloped population to get jobs and overcome poverty. By the end of 2016, the loan balance of poverty alleviation of IB totaled RMB 3.127 billion, up by RMB 1.642 billion or 110.57% compared with the beginning of the year; the loan balance of organizational poverty alleviation reached RMB 2.022 billion, up by 95.36% compared with the beginning of the year; the loan balance of individual poverty alleviation reached RMB 1.105 billion and 2548 counts, a double growth compared with the beginning of the year.

In terms of donation, IB is always committed to charity cause on a regular basis and during nature disasters, and has formed a charity system of “students help fund”, “disaster fund” and “poverty relieving fund” with an effort to innovate in donation mode. In the World Environment Day in 2017, IB participated in the Tencent Welfare Step Donation activity and implemented the corporate public welfare in the innovative way that “you donate steps and I donate money”. By the evening of the activity day, more than 360,000 WeChat Sports users have participated in the event and donated 5.03558 billion steps. Meanwhile IB donated RMB 500,000 to support the “Coastal Wetland Protection Project” of Shenzhen Mangrove Forest Wetland Protection Foundation. In 2016 to 2017, IB Hong Kong Branch held the “IB Environmental and Healthy Running” activity for two consecutive times with the theme of “Environmental Protection, Health, Run”. By integrating the construction of corporate culture, care of employees’ physical and mental health and practice of corporate social responsibilities, this event donated nearly HKD 900,000 for the environmental protection and green public welfare undertakings of Hong Kong. In terms of education, IB has donated RMB 20 million to Fujian Provincial Charity Federation and subsidized 5000 excellent but needy students to finish their school in the past 10 years. IB has accumulatively donated more than RMB 120 million to the society, and has been rewarded “China Charity Award for Outstanding Contribution”, “National Love Enterprise” and many other titles for the past three years.