Industrial Bank Education Fund Supports the Drams of Poverty-stricken Students

Change from pure physical labor to creative work, from tiring routine schedule to the confident and firm pursuit of dreams, from receiving charitable fund to offering help to others...

After ten years, Lin Haibao, the general manager of Quanzhou Branch of Fuzhou Fuda Automation Technology Co., Ltd. who used to be a poor student, is still very grateful to Industrial Bank (IB) and said, “It was the IB Education Fund that offered me living expenses and the courage to do what I wanna do.”

[A heartbroken story]     
He used to work very hard in his leisure time
only to earn his living expenses

Lin Haibao is from Anxi, Quanzhou. With great economic distress, his father raised him and his younger sister alone and made a living by planting and selling tea. “Poverty-stricken students are divided into three level, and I was the worst one.” Lin Haibao said, after graduating from the junior middle school, he went to Shenzhen for working with his cousin in order to relieve the economic burden of the family.

After two month’s work, he learned his limitation and understood that receiving education was the only way out. So he went back to Anxi and continued his study. In his leisure time, he helped his father plant and sell tea, and do some part-time jobs. “I used to be a restaurant runner who stands many hours a day.”

In September 2007, Lin Haibao was enrolled by the School of Bioscience and Engineering of Fuzhou University with the entrance examination score of 579, more than 10 points higher than the enrollment score line of level I undergraduate colleges and universities. At the same time, he had his tuition solved by the national student loan.

But what about the living expense? As a freshman, Lin Haibao did not indulge himself into joy like other students, instead his days were so filled. While handling the academic pressure and participating in student societies to train himself, he also looked for part-time jobs to find the source of living expenses. “I was the agent of an e-commerce website for universities student and I did promotion, publicity and delivery alone. I was very busy and laborious then.” Lin Haibao said when recalling the old days.

[An encouraging story]
The education fund supported him
to do whatever he liked

Fortunately, before long the teacher told Lin a good news - IB would subsidize every poverty-stricken and academically excellent student with RMB 4000 each year. “Honestly I was not expecting anything and I offered my information to give a try.” To his surprise, the fund of RMB 4000 was received soon. “The procedure was simple and I can’t even remember that.”

Lin saved the money in the bank and divided into several parts as the living expenses of each month. “I felt so supported and don’t need to worry about my living expenses anymore.” While forgetting the application procedure, he remembers that he felt much more dependent and supported from then on. “I could finally get rid of physical labor to do some creative things. I could even chose the part-time job I liked.”

For Lin Haibao, the education fund provided by IB not only addressed his problem of living expenses, but also relieved his inner burden and allowed him to chase his dream more confidently and determinedly. He recalled that he was granted the education fund from IB in 2007 and 2008. He gained both academic and social experience in this process.

[A story of love delivery]
From the helped to a helper
He delivers positive energy

It came to the second semester of his sophomore year. Lin thought his part-time job was paid enough to support his job, so he went for his teacher and ended the education fund of IB. “When I thought I was independent enough, I passed this care to other needy students.”

Meanwhile he did whatever he could to help other needy children. Lin visited a primary school and was recommended by the school president to subsidize two poverty-stricken children. Later he accepted the advice of school teachers and worked as an ideological and moral education teachers of the school. He exchanged his experience and thoughts with the children and told them the benefits of study.

“Poverty is not always a bad thing.” Lin said, although the resources are limited in poverty, a hardworking man always has many opportunities and many people are willing to offer their hands, such as the national student loan and IB education fund.

As the former vice president of the student union of the school, Lin was recruited by Fuda Automation Technology Co., Ltd. In 2010 and promoted to be the general manager of Quanzhou Branch in 2014. Now he is leading nearly a hundred employees to open a new chapter of career development.