Show Obligations in Profits by Keeping Planting Trees Industrial Bank Receives Three Awards from AsiaMoney

In the serial awarding activities for China's banking industry organized by AsiaMoney on June 23, 2017, Industrial Bank (IB) was granted the “Best Bank of Corporate Social Responsibility”, the “Best Bank of the Year in Green Finance” and the “Most Innovative Bank of Green Finance” awards, embodying the global recognition on the efforts of China’s financial institutions, represented by IB, in the development of green finance and the practice of corporate social responsibilities. Their global voice and reputation has been enhanced.

Now the State Council has decided to build pilot zones for the reform and innovation of green finance in some parts of areas in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou and Xinjiang provinces. Three days later, IB and Guizhou Provincial People’s Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement in which IB promises to provide various kinds of green financing, totaling RMB 50 billion, to Guizhou province during the “Thirteenth Five Year Plan” to support the construction of Guizhou national pilot zones for ecological civilization and green finance reform and innovation. IB once again leads the market by virtue of its keen market sensitiveness and advantages in green finance.

For the past 11 years since the launch of China's first energy efficiency financing product in 2006 which opened the gate of the green finance market, IB has been serving the green development of the entity economy as well as the green transformation and upgrade of enterprises, insisted on making innovation and relying on expertise, thus making itself many “No. 1” in China: the first to provide comprehensive carbon finance service; release the first loan mortgaged on emission permit and carbon asset; the first to adopt the Equator Principles; the first to launch low carbon credit cards; the first to release the comprehensive solution to water application and protection; the first to issue the green finance credit asset-backed securities; implement China’s first green finance bond; issue the first green wealth management product and etc. As a benchmark and leader of innovation in green finance in China, IB has formed a system of green finance products and services covering banks, trust, leasing, fund, consumer finance and etc., blazed a trail of sustainable development benefiting from green finance, and achieved fruitful results in economic performance and social environment performance.

By the end of May 2017, IB has accumulatively provided green financing fund of RMB 1.2371 trillion for more than 12 thousand energy saving enterprises or projects with the non-performing asset (NPA) rate of only 0.37%; the asset quality has exceeded the average level of the bank and the industry; the projects supported could save 28.76 million tons of coal equivalents each year, reduce 83.05 million tons of carbon dioxide, 2.34 million tons of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and 0.76 million tons of sulfur dioxide, comprehensively utilize 44.62 million tons of solid waste and save 407.84 million tons of water per year.

In the course of developing green finance, IB has always adhered to an open and cooperative attitude towards the interbank cooperation in green finance, and shared with the peer its decades of advanced experience in professional green finance knowledge, risk control skills, management system and system construction, so as to jointly push forward the development of China’s green finance. As the “Belt and Road” strategy proceeds, IB will also join hands with the financial institutions along the route to share the experience in green finance and drive the harmonious and sustainable development of related countries economically and socially.

As the first equator bank in China, IB develops green finance not only to show its responsibilities in protecting the environment and resources, but also to bring new business and profitable offerings for the bank, so as to achieve harmonious development in the economic performance and the social environment performance. IB has proposed a way of practicing social responsibilities that “shows obligations in profits” and includes corporate social responsibility into the development strategies of the bank. During the process of serving enterprises and clients sincerely, IB is always striving to become a “warm bank” and actively completing the mission of “finding the way for financial reform and contributing to economic construction”.

This year represents the deepening of the structural reform of supply side. By taking the opportunity of serving the entity economy, IB has formulated differentiated credit and loan policies, given into full play the advantages of comprehensive financial services, fulfilled the diversified financing needs of enterprises by innovative means such as bonds, leasing, trust, PPP fund and asset securitization and reduced the financing cost. IB has successively participated in the establishment of the Silk Road Gold Fund, the Fujian Provincial PPP Guiding Fund, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Intercity Railway Development Fund, and issued China's first perpetual mid-term notes of the Marine Silk Road, so as to push forward the stage advancement of “three removal, one reduction and one improvement” (the removal of production capacity, inventory and leverage, the reduction of cost and the improvement of weak links). Meanwhile, IB, by laying down the profile, has provided the financial services that combine equities and bonds and cover the entire life span of startups, micro- and small-sized enterprises. By the end of May, the balance of IB's loan for micro- and small-sized enterprises has reached RMB 519.3 billion with the loan acquisition rate of 95.17%.

Make finance warmer and benefit more. Relying on the 46000 outlets connected by the proprietary Interbank Platform, IB has addressed the concerns of payment faced by many rural financial institutions, extended modern financial services to third-tier and fourth-tier cities, rural areas and remote areas. IB has taken the lead to list pension finance into a strategical business to meet the growing demands for pension finance. Now the number of VIP clients of “Enjoyable Life” has exceeded 1.4 million with financial assets under management exceeding RMB 700 billion.

Make service sensational and remain the motive of returning to the society. On one hand, IB relies on its business features and edges, strengthens the financial support for underdeveloped areas in terms of industry and education, and explores the way of differentiated poverty alleviation service mode, with the loan balance for poverty alleviation totaling RMB 3.8 billion. On the other hand, IB actively participates into social and welfare activities, strives to innovate in the donation mode, and has successively participated in the Tencent Welfare Step Donation activity, and held the “IB Environmental and Healthy Running” activity. IB has formed a charity system of “students help fund”, “disaster fund” and “poverty relieving fund” with over RMB 120 million of fund donated in the past three years. Taking the example of student help fund, by the end of 2016, the bank had donated RMB 20 million to the IB Education Fund through the Fujian Charity Association, and the number of needy students it subsidized had reached 5,000.

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