Industrial Bank Fully Promotes the “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month”, Benefiting Thousands of Enterprises

“In the past, businesses had to seek out policies and products, but now our dedicated financial delegates deliver these directly to them, offering not just solutions but also warmth and bridging distances,” said a corporate leader who attended a bank-enterprise matchmaking event.

During the “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month”, Industrial Bank’s Jinan branch has established financial delegates and hosted bank-enterprise matchmaking sessions. These initiatives are tailored to the operational characteristics of science and technology innovation enterprises, offering a comprehensive product system that spans the entire lifecycle of businesses, including credit, mortgages, and guarantees. Over 30 enterprises have reached intentions for financing cooperation.

Recently, the National Financial Supervision and Management Bureau launched the inaugural “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” under the theme “Integrating Financial Services to Benefit Thousands of Enterprises and Households.” Industrial Bank responded promptly, strategically planning and rolling out activities across the Bank to promote inclusive financial services. The campaign includes visits to enterprises, rural areas, communities, and agricultural fields to ensure that “financial services and policies are extensively communicated and delivered”.

According to sources, Industrial Bank has tailored inclusive finance policies for key branches, enhanced the delegation of business operations, increased product credit limits, and established specialized service teams to ensure high-quality development of inclusive finance initiatives. Moreover, to ensure the implementation of inclusive finance policies, the Bank collaborates with governments and industry associations to actively conduct bank-government-enterprise matchmaking and product promotion events, sinking policy and product information to the enterprises and enhancing the precision and reach of financial services. During the event, branches of Industrial Bank nationwide held and participated in nearly a hundred similar bank-enterprise matchmaking events.

In Anhui, the Hefei branch, in collaboration with the Jin’an District government of Lu’an City, successfully hosted the “Delivering Finance into Jin’an: Sci-Tech Financial Forum,” offering more efficient, suitable, and diverse financial support to sci-tech enterprises. Meanwhile, in Jilin, the Changchun branch worked with the Jilin Province Association for Promoting Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises to hold a specialized matchmaking event focused on the financing characteristics of these enterprises, providing tailored solutions and resolving challenges to serve clients accurately.

Last year, Industrial Bank established a financial delegate system committed to bridging the last mile in financial assistance for high-quality economic development. During the Inclusive Finance Promotion Month, these delegates actively spread financial knowledge, interpreted inclusive policies, promoted micro and small enterprise products, and provided comprehensive financial service solutions. They have become “liaisons”, “promoters”, and “advisors” for market entities and the public. To date, the Bank has appointed over 900 financial delegates.

Additionally, Industrial Bank has enhanced its visibility by deploying the themes “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” and “Integrating Financial Services to Benefit Thousands of Enterprises and Households” across its official website, WeChat Official Account, mobile banking app, and through electronic displays and smart screens at all branches. This effort is amplified by mainstream media to ensure that inclusive financial policies reach households nationwide.

Through the “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” campaign, Industrial Bank has significantly improved the level of inclusive financial services. As of the end of March 2024, the balance of inclusive loans for SMEs exceeded RMB 550 billion, an increase of RMB 27 billion since the beginning of the year. Techfin loans totaled over RMB 889.2 billion, serving 161,900 tech enterprise clients; and rural revitalization loans exceeded RMB 700 billion, serving 14,500 enterprises engaged in rural revitalization.