Industrial Bank Launches Comprehensive “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” Benefiting Thousands of Enterprises Across Fujian

In the vibrant season of spring, the flower of inclusive finance blooms across the land of Fujian.

“The inclusive financial products from Industrial Bank are truly considerate! They combine industry-specific features and contextual information to provide our business with comprehensive lifecycle financing services that blend equity and debt, both online and offline. Moreover, the Bank’s online product system is continuously optimized, extending the credit term for inclusive customers to two years. This has significantly reduced the costs of loan renewals for our businesses,” praised a business representative who had just attended an Industrial Bank enterprise-banking meeting.

Since the launch of the “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month,” Industrial Bank has deeply embraced the political and people-oriented nature of its financial work, diligently implementing the directives set by the National Financial Supervision and Management Bureau. The Bank visits enterprises, industrial parks, markets, rural areas, and communities, organizing various forms of enterprise-banking interactions and policy promotion events. This ongoing optimization of financial product services allows the benefits of inclusive finance to reach more people across Fujian more equitably.

In Xiamen, Industrial Bank, in collaboration with the Siming District Political Consultative Conference, hosted a tripartite government-bank-enterprise symposium. This meeting focused on introducing comprehensive financial services such as inclusive finance, Sci-tech Finance, and green finance. It fostered a collaborative exploration of strategies to enhance regional industry-finance integration benefits. Additionally, in cities like Zhangzhou, Ningde, and Putian, the Bank participated in and organized events such as the Zhangzhou “Financial Assistance for Enterprises to Obtain Mutual Benefits” bank-insurance-enterprise matchmaking meeting, Ningde’s “Donghu Star Inclusive Finance Special Event for Women,” and the Putian “Bureau of Industry and Information Technology · IB Jointly Offer Special Service for Parks and Enterprises.” These efforts continuously promote inclusive finance policies and establish platforms for information exchange between government, banks, and enterprises.

During the campaign, Industrial Bank also deployed promotional slogans such as “Integrating Financial Services to Benefit Thousands of Enterprises and Households” across all its branches in Fujian. The Bank intensified the use of digital scenarios, launching “Smart Approval Self-service Terminals” at business outlets in Fuzhou and other locations. These terminals facilitate enterprises in self-managing business license applications, printing, and information inquiries. Moreover, in places like Hongjiang Agricultural Market and Fuqing Jiangyin Food Street, the Bank promoted the construction of E-CNY demonstration zones, actively supporting the rollout and application of E-CNY. Industrial Bank continued to promote inclusive finance policies and introduce inclusive financial products through online channels like the Official WeChat Account, WeChat Moments, and WeCom, helping to expand the reach and increase the scale of inclusive finance.

Last year, Industrial Bank established the financial delegate system, committed to bridging the “last mile” in using finance to boost high-quality economic development. During the Inclusive Finance Promotion Month, the Bank leveraged the role of financial envoys in Quanzhou, Sanming, Nanping, and Longyan. These delegates conducted in-depth visits to local private and small enterprises and agricultural entities, focusing on the development needs of new quality productivity in each city and county. They tailored financial service solutions, providing enterprises with efficient and rapid online financing products to boost production and efficiency, thus facilitating the transformation, growth, and expansion of SMEs.

Industrial Bank has clearly positioned inclusive finance as a new track and a key direction for the Bank’s transformation and development in recent years. Fujian, the stronghold of Industrial Bank, remains the main battleground for its financial services, where the Bank consistently promotes the high-quality development of inclusive finance. It intensifies financial supply, enhances the quality and effectiveness of financial services, and in the province, constructs a dedicated service system for small and micro-customers, featuring specialized teams, evaluations, products, authorizations, approvals, and tolerance for non-performing loans, called “six dedications”. The Bank adopts factory-like marketing operations and tiered cultivation management to continually improve its inclusive finance service capabilities.

“At the current stage, we are aligning with the standardization construction of provincial industrial parks, exploring the increase of the mortgage rate cap to 80% for our IB Fast Loan (asset mortgage exclusive) on industrial factory buildings to mitigate the risks of multi-channel financing for our clients,” stated a responsible official from Industrial Bank’s Fujian management department. “We are also promoting the use of the Zero Loan Process Assistance System province-wide to implement online handling of pre-loan approval processes and mid-loan disbursement processes, constantly enhancing the efficiency of business operations.”

As of the end of March, Industrial Bank has served over 66,000 inclusive-type SMEs within Fujian, with an inclusive small and micro-loan balance of nearly RMB 112 billion; the balance of inclusive-type agricultural loans exceeded RMB 7 billion; and the balance of Techfin loans stood at RMB 875.98 billion.