Industrial Bank Launches Party Discipline Learning and Education Initiative

On April 15, Industrial Bank convened a meeting to launch the Party Discipline Learning and Education initiative. The meeting was focused on diligently studying and implementing the important speeches and directives of General Secretary Xi Jinping concerning party discipline education. It aligned with the guidelines set forth by the Central Party’s Construction Work Leading Group and the Notice on Carrying Out Party Discipline Learning and Education throughout the Party issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee. Additionally, it adhered to the work arrangements for party discipline education mandated by the Fujian Provincial Committee. The meeting aimed to mobilize and deploy a comprehensive approach to advancing party discipline education across the Bank. The Industrial Bank Party Committee Secretary and Chairman, Lv Jiajin, delivered a speech, and the meeting was chaired by the Deputy Party Secretary and Bank President, Chen Xinjian.

The meeting highlighted that the Party Discipline Learning and Education initiative is a crucial measure for strengthening the construction of party discipline and promoting the in-depth development of comprehensively strict governance of the party. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly issued important speeches and directives on this topic, providing clear direction and guidelines for conducting party discipline education. The Central Committee has convened the Party Construction Leadership Group meeting, and the Fujian Provincial Committee held a Standing Committee meeting along with the Party Construction Work Leadership Group meeting, which specifically arranged and deployed this initiative. The Bank’s Party Committee attaches great importance to this and promptly convened a special Party Committee meeting and Party Construction Work Leadership Group meeting to review and decide on the implementation plan. All branches of the Bank are required to thoroughly understand and actively benchmark and gauge themselves against these standards. It is imperative to recognize that discipline is the lifeline of the party, and strengthening discipline construction is a fundamental strategy for implementing stringent governance across the party. This initiative is crucial for deeply understanding the “two establishes” and resolutely implementing the “two upholds.” It is a mandatory behavioral rule that must be followed by all party organizations and members to ensure the unity and completion of the party’s tasks, thereby aligning thoughts and actions with the strategic decisions of the party central committee and enhancing the political, ideological, and active consciousness of conducting Party Discipline Learning and Education.

The meeting stressed that conducting Party Discipline Learning and Education is a significant political task. It is crucial to precisely understand the objectives and tasks of Party Discipline Learning and Education, fully comprehend the essence and practical requirements of the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China, and continuously apply the valuable experiences and practices formed during the thematic education of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Efforts must be made to achieve tangible results in learning and implementation. Focus should be placed on the main content of the education, where leading officials at all levels should learn proactively and more profoundly. The learning and implementation of the Regulations should be integrated into the party committee’s theoretical study center group plans and positioned as the “first agenda item” of the party committee meetings, with “key leaders” setting the example for “the majority”. There is a need to adhere to studying each chapter and article meticulously, effectively transforming learning outcomes into daily actions of integrity and enhancing self-discipline and awareness regarding integrity. It is essential to connect learning with practical situations, thoroughly examining any shortcomings to ensure that each measure of Party Discipline Learning and Education serves as an effective action for regulating business development and advancing core work. Furthermore, it is important to conduct thorough studies tracing back to local traditional and red cultures, deeply exploring the thoughts on integrity within these cultures. Deep study should also be given to the important discussions of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his local inspections on party discipline construction, enabling a profound understanding through tracing origins. Effective learning should be promoted through cases, using typical cases as “live teaching materials” for discussing morals, discipline, law, and responsibilities through cases. Such cases should serve as reminders and awakenings for those around using “nearby events” and “people in cases” to alert those in “dreams.” Training should be used for enhancing education. Both online and offline platforms should be leveraged for layered and phased training initiatives in batches. The Bank will refine the “first lesson on integrity” education mechanism for new employees and intensify discipline education for young officials, reserve cadres, newly appointed officials, and key position employees. The integration of Party Discipline Learning and Education with the study and implementation of the Regulations on the Work of Party Inspection of the Communist Party of China, the strengthening of a clean Industrial Bank culture, and the combined advancement of “Three Basic” management and “Three Advancements” construction are to be deeply integrated. This integration will embed Party Discipline Learning and Education throughout the entire process of party governance and administrative operations. Focus will also be placed on promoting a culture of integrity and discipline, continuously enhancing and perfecting the supervision framework. The study and implementation of the Regulations will be a crucial component for the 2024 Democratic Life Meetings of party member leadership teams and the organizational life meetings of grassroots party organizations, with a strong emphasis on rectifications and implementations.

The meeting outlined the need for strengthened organizational leadership and meticulous planning and arrangements to ensure high standards and quality in completing the tasks associated with Party Discipline Learning and Education. All levels of the party organization must fully assume their primary responsibilities, with leading party members taking charge as principal responsible persons. Team members must fulfill their “dual responsibilities” at each post, collaboratively planning, organizing, and implementing Party Discipline Learning and Education effectively. There will be a focus on genuine supervision and guidance, and promoting the linkage of Party Discipline Learning and Education with the high-quality development of Industrial Bank and the unwavering pursuit of a distinctive path in financial development in China. This approach aims to transform the effectiveness of Party Discipline Learning and Education into a strong motivator for party members and officials to overcome challenges and engage in innovative work, thereby contributing IB power significantly to building a powerful financial nation.

The meeting was conducted both onsite and via video conference, attended by members of the General Office Party Committee, department heads, the resident discipline inspection and supervision group leader, as well as leaders and main responsible persons from branches, subsidiaries, secondary branches, and sub-branches.