The First E-CNY Sci-tech?Innovation Bill Was Underwritten and Issued by Industrial Bank

Recently, the 7th term of super & short-term commercial paper (a sci-tech innovation bill) of Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co., Ltd (LONSEN)of 2024, underwritten by Industrial Bank, was successfully issued. Its issuing scale has reached 750 million yuan. All funds raised from the bond will be collected in the issuers' E-CNY wallet. It is the first E-CNY sci-tech?innovation?bill in China, exploring the creative use of E-CNY in the direct financing field.

LONSEN is a private listed company, with an AAA external rating. It is a leading enterprise in the global dye industry and is known as the national enterprise technology center, national technology and innovation demonstration enterprise, and champion of the manufacturing industry, etc. Moreover, the sales volumes of its leading products and its market share both rank first in the industry.

It was noted at the meeting that the Central Financial Work Conference emphasized the need to make significant efforts in the areas of technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance. As the designated operating agency of E-CNY, Industrial Bank will continue expanding the application and the commercial format of E-CNY, enlarging the ecosystem of E-CNY by providing services including E-CNY payrolls, loans, receiving, payment, smart contracts, and umbrella wallets. As of the end of March this year, Industrial Bank had created over 6 million digital wallets.