CIB’s First-term “Aofeng Lecture” Started

 On April 29th, CIB’s first-term “Aofeng Lecture” was held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Themed at learning and implementing spirits of the Central Financial Work Conference, Chen Xinjian, President of Industrial Bank and Deputy Party Secretary gave a lesson named “Following a Path of Financial Development with Chinese Characters and Making Contributions to Establishing a Financial Powerhouse”. Xie Jianchao, the full-time Deputy Secretary of the Financial Working Committee of Fujian Province and a member of Financial Office Meeting of Fujian Province, and Huang Qiuhang, Deputy- department- level Patrol Officer of the Eighth Patrol Group of Fujian Province attended and guided the lecture.

Making references to special training courses by the Party School of Central Committee of C.P.C, themed at fast building a financial powerhouse, and combining the learning experience of “Excerpts from Xi Jinping’s Discussions on Financial Work”, Chen Xinjian’s lecture can be divided into five parts including supporting the rise of China by finance, unprecedented financing development with Chinese characters, building a financial powerhouse based on the leadership of the Party in an all-round way, controlling and preventing risks forever, and serving China-styled modernization becoming the most important political task for commercial banks. Chen advocated enhancing political stance, cherishing “major national concerns”, accurately mastering the historical logics, theoretical connotations, practice conditions of the financial development with Chinese characters, deeply putting “eight do's” into practice, further strengthening convictions and enhancing confidence to serve the dream of building a financial powerhouse.

 Chen said, at present, China’s financial reform confronts complex inner and outer environment. In such cases, upholding and strengthening the Party’s leadership and turning political and institutional advantages into financial management abilities are very important. Firstly, CIB should strengthen the integration of the Party’s leadership into the corporate governance, resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee. Secondly, by maintaining a strict keynote, adopting strict measures, creating strict atmosphere, CIB exercises strict self-governance in every respect. Thirdly, promoting “three kinds of incorruptibility”, CIB focuses on nurturing loyal, clean, and responsible staff. CIB should deeply understand that finance is the center, while the economy is the body. CIB should always put politics and the people first, voluntarily treating “major national concerns” as “key institutional tasks”.  Overall grasping the functionality and profitability of finance, CIB should always put functionality first, making its staff cleaner, more professional and competitive while putting keeping clean first.

Chen emphasized that the risk protection is the forever topic for financial work. CIB must keep keen vigilance at “black swans” and “grey rhinoceros”. CIB should make preparations, enhance risk management on the real estate, local government debts, and credit cards, and balance the relation between the risk protection and developing business. The most important political task for commercial banks is to serve the China-styled modernization. CIB should perform well in “Five Major Areas” including technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance, polishing “Three Pillars of Our Businesses” including Green Banking, Wealth Bank, and Investment Bank, gaining discrepant competitive advantages to promote development qualities.

In the lecture, CIB’s Shenzhen Branch, Chengdu Branch, Quanzhou Branch, Suzhou Branch, Hangzhou Branch and Nanjing Branch communicated on the topics including performing well in “Five Major Areas” and enhancing services for improving the quality and efficiency of the real economy, showing the practice of grass-root party organizations of CIB on learning and implementing the spirits of the Central Financial Work Conference.

The “Aofeng Lecture”, set up by the Party Committee of CIB, serves as an important popularizing platform, aiming to periodically read and explain the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the arrangements of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and implementing measures by the Party Committee of the Head Office of CIB. This lecture is named after Aofeng, the highest peak in Fuzhou city and originates from the Fuzhou Aofeng Academy, “the first school in Southeast China”, nurturing celebrities like Lin Zexu and Liang Zhangju. By the strong cultural foundation of the Fuzhou Aofeng Academy, the “Aofeng Lecture” combines the theoretical lectures with fine traditional Chinese culture, the financial practices,  stores around people, and with the grassroot constructions, to form a large-scaled lecture pattern to promote the political quality and the professional capabilities of the CPC members, carders and staff.

   The first-term of lectures was carried out both online and offline. Over 4,000 people including members from the Party Committee of the Head Office, responsible people from all sectors of the Head Office, members of the Party Committees of all branches, above-medium-level Party members and carders, and representatives from the theory study group of the youth attended the lecture.