Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Questionnaire

Financial institutions in China are obligated to collect customer information in compliance with the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Law of the People's Republic of China. Please complete the following form and have it signed by an authorized person (a member of the bank's senior management) in order to confirm adherence to this policy.

I.Basic Information

1. Institutional Information

Name of the Financial Institution:



Main Business Scope:

Name of the Stock Exchange: Stock Code:

Name of the AML Officer:

Position: Email:

Contact Phone (Including Area Code):

2. Ownership and Management Information

Names of individuals or entities holding more than 10% of the bank’s shares, as well as the percentage of shares held:

List of Senior Management:

3. Regulatory Information

Name of your country's Financial Regulatory Authority:

Name of the AML and Counter-Terrorism Financing Regulatory Authority:

II.Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire (Yes/No)

Overview of AML Policies, Procedures, and Practices:

  1. Does the bank’s AML policy necessitate approval by the Board of Directors or a senior management committee?
  2. Does the bank’s AML policy stipulate the appointment of a compliance officer by senior management to coordinate and supervise daily AML activities?
  3. Have the bank's senior management approved written AML policies specifically designed to prevent, monitor, and report suspicious transactions?
  4. Do the bank’s AML procedures align with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)?
  5. In addition to regulatory monitoring, does the bank undergo regular audits of its AML policies by internal or external third parties?
  6. Does the bank have a policy prohibiting transactions with shell banks?
  7. Does the bank have a system for keeping legally compliant records of customer identities and transaction histories?
  8. Do the bank's AML systems apply to all of its branches and subsidiaries, both domestically and internationally?
  9. Does the bank comply with local laws and regulations regarding AML and counter-terrorism financing?

Risk Assessment

  1. Does your bank perform risk assessments on customers and their transaction activities?
  2. When your bank has reason to believe that certain customers are engaged in illegal activities through or with your bank, does it conduct a corresponding level of due diligence based on their escalated risk level?

Customer Identification

  1. Does your bank implement a customer identification system, which includes verifying customer identity information at the time of account opening and during transactions? (e.g., name, nationality, address, contact number, occupation, date of birth, type and number of legal identification documents, and the name of the country or region issuing the identity documents)
  2. Is your bank required to collect information about customers' business activities?
  3. Does your bank collect and assess information regarding the anti-money laundering policies of its financial institution customers?
  4. Does your bank implement measures to comprehend the typical and anticipated transactions of customers according to their risk assessment level?

Transaction Reporting and Prevention and Monitoring of Illegal Financing Transactions

  1. Does your bank have policies or procedures for identifying and reporting transactions that should be reported to regulatory authorities?
  2. Does your bank have procedures in place to identify transactions that are intended to evade large transaction reporting?
  3. Does your bank provide requisite special attention to customers or transactions deemed of very high risk before completing the transaction?
  4. Does your bank have policies in place to prevent transactions through accounts associated with shell banks or their representatives?
  5. Does your bank have policies to ensure that it only transacts with overseas correspondent banks that hold operating licenses in their home countries?

Transaction Monitoring

  1. Does your bank have a monitoring system to track suspicious or unusual activities in services such as transfers and bills (e.g., traveler’s checks, and drafts)?

Anti-Money Laundering Training

  1. Does your bank offer anti-money laundering training to pertinent staff, encompassing your bank's internal control policies regarding AML, the identification and reporting of suspicious transactions, and case analysis of various forms of money laundering?
  2. Does your bank keep training records, including participant details and training materials?
  3. Does your bank communicate with pertinent staff regarding the enactment or amendments of anti-money laundering legal policies?
  4. Does your bank employ agents to perform specific functions, and if so, does it also offer anti-money laundering training to these agents?


I hereby declare and assure Industrial Bank that all the information pertaining to this anti-money laundering questionnaire is true and accurate. I have answered the above questions to the best of my knowledge.