10th Anniversary of Anti Money Laundering

On July 5 2013, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of anti-money laundering, promote knowledge on safety use of banking card and Financial IC card, increase public awareness about anti-money laundering and fraud prevention, IB attended the "2013 Knowledge Promotion about Anti-money laundering, Payment and Settlement and Financial IC card in Fuzhou City Aare" organized by Fuzhou central branch of PBOC. Through various forms including photography, articles appraise and culture and sports competitions, it actively promotes knowledge and laws and regulations about anti-money laundering, showcases achievements of anti-money laundering, improves public awareness to anti-money laundering, prevents and combats money laundering and other crimes, safeguards financial and social stability and creates a favorable financial environment for the healthy and rapid development of economy and society. 

From Oct 19 to 20, 2013, to strengthen communications in anti-money laundering by financial institutes and create a harmonious and progressive circumstance, sponsored by Fujian Anti-Money Laundering Society, the 10th Anti-money laundering Chinese chess was organized by IB and over 20 financial institutes attended the event. Adhering to the principle of "Friendship before Competition", players have maintained a well order in the competition and gave full play to their manner and strength, reflecting the competitiveness and spirit of financial anti-money laundering teams.