Company Profile

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Industrial Bank) was established in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province in 1988 with a registered capital of 20.774 billion yuan and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2007 (stock code: 601166). It’s one of the first joint-stock commercial banks approved by the State Council and the People's Bank of China, and it’s also the first Equator Bank in China. Now it has grown into a mainstream commercial banking group with banking as its main business and multiple fields such as trust, financial lease, funds, futures, asset management, consumer finance, research and consulting, and digital finance covered, ranking among the top 20 banks in the world and Fortune Global 500.

Starting from Fuzhou in the southeast of China, Industrial Bank adheres to the “customer-oriented" service concept, promotes a layout of multi-channel and multi-market, and continuously expands its services and explores their connotations. Currently, it has 45 tier-one branches (including Hong Kong branches) and 2032 branch agencies. It has established agent bank relationships with more than 1,400 banks around the world, and created well-functional online channels such as online banking, telephone banking, mobile banking, and WeChat banking, forming a nationally-covered customer service network that connects domestic and overseas customers with the combination of virtuality and reality, and a cross-marketed integrated financial service system that provides both online and offline, local and foreign currency, investment and financing and offshore services.

Shouldering the mission of “exploring the path for financial reform and contributing more to economic construction”, Industrial Bank has embarked on a differentiated and specialized development path through reform and innovation, and achieved many firsts in China's banking industry: At the management level, the company was the first to establish the governance concept of sustainable development, the first to implement the evaluation and assessment model with EVA as its core. It was among the first to establish an FTP-cored asset-liability management system and the first to build market-oriented research institutions and financial technology companies, etc. At the business level, it took the lead in green finance to build itself into a world-class green financial integrated service provider and took the lead in setting up a small and medium-sized bank cooperation platform to create a new practice model of inclusive finance. It was the first to promote the development of investment banking, asset management, FICC and other business of investment banking and financial market. It was the first to introduce the first domestic financial service plan for pension. It always stands firm to pioneer, so as to form core competitive advantages in multiple market segments.

Firmly implementing “promoting bank with science and technology”, Industrial Bank is one of the few banks in China with capabilities to research and develop core system independently and independent intellectual property rights. It is also one of the providers of largest process robot service and commercial banking information system in China, taking the leading in the field of technology in financial market. Industrial Bank, based on its overall strategic layout and combining its development trends and its own resource endowments, emphasizes building the technology capability of “connecting everything”, constantly focuses on the main industrial trend of Internet financial services, and actively connects scenarios of F (financial institution), G (government), B (enterprise) and C (customer) ends, enabling scenario expansion and ecological interconnection, accelerating the construction of open banks and building an instant, ubiquitous bank 4.0 service.

In recent years, Industrial Bank has "commercial banks + investment banks" as its starting point to improve its development ability in "settlement, investment, and transaction" and deepen its business transformation with the direction of "light capital, light assets, and high efficiency”. It has achieved stable and promising progress and the high-quality development trend continues to emerge. As of the end of 2022, Industrial Bank’s total assets were 9.27 trillion yuan, up by 7.71% from the beginning of the year; its operating income was 222.374 billion yuan; its net profit was 91.377 billion yuan, up 10.52% year-on-year; non-performing loan ratio was 1.09%, decreased by 0.01% compared with the beginning of the year. Therefore, Industrial Bank achieved coordinated development of scale, quality and efficiency.

In the future, Industrial Bank will continue to consolidate and forge differentiated business characteristics and core competitiveness with the guide of “1234” strategic system, open a new journey of transformation and development, and continue to move forward toward the lofty goal of “First-Class Bank and Century-Old Industry”.