Application Procedures

1."Smart Messenger" SMS Service

The "Smart Messenger" SMS value-added service supports our bank's corporate accounts and IB card RMB demand deposit settlement accounts, mainly providing customers with account activity notifications (including notifications for failed scheduled transfers, incorrect withdrawal password entries), balance over-limit notifications, loan maturity notifications, balance notifications, fund net value notifications, fund net value over-limit notifications, precious metal market monitoring, interactive SMS, and other services. You can apply for this service in the following ways:

1)Customers can bring their valid identity documents to any branch of our bank, fill out the "Personal Account Opening and Comprehensive Service Application Form", and activate the customized service: "Smart Messenger" (SMS notification service).

2)Log in to the IB Personal Online Banking Platform and navigate to "Service Management" -> "Function and Limit Settings" -> "Smart Messenger Function Settings" to apply for the service yourself.

3)You can also apply for the service via the IB Mobile Banking APP, telephone banking, smart kiosks, and other self-service channels.

2. Online Banking SMS Guard

You can apply for the online banking SMS Guard in the following two ways:

1)Carry your wealth management card and a valid ID to any branch of IB and apply for the SMS Guard service.

2)NetShield customers can also log in to the Personal Online Banking Platform, navigate to "Service Management" -> "Security Protection" -> "SMS Guard", and apply themselves.

3. Credit Card SMS Service

You can directly apply for credit card transaction SMS notification when filling out the credit card application form or apply for the service at an IB branch, through the IB Online Banking Platform, by calling 95561, sending an SMS, logging in to the IB Mobile Banking APP, and other various methods.

4. Foreign Exchange SMS Service

You can log in to the Online Banking Foreign Exchange Trading System ( and navigate to "Wealth Management" -> "My SMS Service" to apply for the foreign exchange SMS service.