1. How can I enter the automated voice response system of the client service hotline?

Individual clients can log in using their bank card number, account number, or ID number. Upon the first login, the system will prompt the user to set an inquiry password. Once set, this password is used to enter the system. Enterprise clients need to apply for an inquiry password from their account opening bank before using the system.

2.How to use the intelligent voice system?

After an individual client enters the intelligent voice system, they can use voice interaction to directly state the business they want to handle, such as "check the bill, activate the credit card". The smart robot will guide customers to complete consultations, inquiries, and business transactions online.

3.Is there a considerate service for the elderly?

Yes. When an individual client uses the phone number reserved in the system, if the system recognizes that the client is 60 years old or above, it will automatically offer an option to transfer to manual services, which is quick and convenient.

4.What should I do if I lose my card?

If you accidentally lose your bank card, you can dial 95561 and enter the menu 95561-6 for the emergency loss report of the card. You can also report the loss via manual services by dialing 95561-1 for credit card, then 777 to transfer to manual services; 95561-2 for personal banking, then 777 to transfer; or 95561-8 for direct manual services.

If you dial a wrong number while using the automated voice service, you can press the * key to clear the entered content and re-enter it.

5.What's the difference between the inquiry password and the withdrawal password, and what should I do if I forget them?

The inquiry password is set and used in the client service hotline system. It needs to be entered when handling inquiry-related services. The withdrawal password is your account password and needs to be entered when dealing with fund transactions in the hotline system.

If an individual client forgets the inquiry password and enters it incorrectly three times, the system will automatically prompt them to reset it. There's no need to handle the reset at the bank counter. If they forget their withdrawal password, they should present their personal ID at an IB’s counter and go through the procedures for password loss.

For enterprise clients that forget their inquiry password, they need to process the reset at their account opening bank.