Function List

Self-service voice service Credit card service  Application progress inquiry, report for loss, credit line inquiry, bill inquiry, bill installments, rewarded point inquiry and redemption, cash advancement, repayment by transfer, setting, change or cancellation of automatic repayment account, payment, card activation, activation of password for domestic consumption and use, setup or change of transaction password, and setup or change of inquiry password, etc.
Personal banking service Demand deposit inquiry, fixed deposit inquiry, transaction details inquiry, housing provident fund service, points inquiry, holding bank inquiry, loss report, SMS management, modification of account password, modification of inquiry password, modification of precious metal trading password, real-time intra-bank transfer, real-time inter-bank transfer, common inter-bank transfer, precious metal service, agency fund sale, bank-securities service, treasury bond, notice deposit service, conversion of demand deposit into fixed deposit, conversion of fixed deposit into demand deposit, scheduled redeposit, foreign exchange service, and self-service fees payment, self-service circulating loan, self-service pledge loan, loan information inquiry, fax, and private banking service, etc.
Corporate banking service Inquiry of account balance, inquiry of transaction details, fund inquiry, and modification of password, etc. 
Information consulting Information fax
Operator Service   All services Offering consulting service, receiving suggestions, and handling complaints
Credit card service Inquiry of account balance, application progress inquiry, inquiry of unstated bill, inquiry of stated bill, transaction inquiry, inquiry of rewarded points, card activation, loss report, account cancellation, client information updating, change of card state, setting/cancellation of consumption password, setting/cancellation of SMS service, resetting of inquiry password, resetting of cash advancement password, regulation/deregulation, card renewal (re-issuance), re-mailing password letter, re-mailing bill, adjustment to credit line, adjustment to account affairs, unlocking for errors in password and identity verification, application for installments, inquiry of bills of installment repayment, inquiry of gift, rewarded points redemption and cancellation, inquiry of previous rewarded points redemptions, consolidation of rewarded points, automatic deduction maintenance, purchase of foreign exchange, inquiry of purchase of foreign exchange, change of billing date, and change of bill delivery method, card renewal,  temporary adjustment to credit line, and inquiry of information on pledge-based card application, etc.
Personal banking service Inquiry of demand account balance, inquiry of fund assets, inquiry of wealth management product assets, inquiry of transaction details of account on the current day, inquiry of fixed account balance, inquiry of wealth management account balance, inquiry of loan information, inquiry and modification of personal loan client's information, inquiry of previous transaction details of account, inquiry of designated inter-bank transfer details, inquiry of information on electronic savings treasury bonds, inquiry of the transaction details of electronic savings treasury bond account, inquiry of information on electronic savings treasury bond account affairs, inquiry of information on pledged/frozen electronic savings treasury bonds, loss report for voice inquiry password of Central Bond Company, inquiry of registration of over-limit automatic redeposit, inquiry of scheduled transfer registration, inquiry of password errors, oral report for loss, resetting of inquiry password, management of smart notice deposit, inquiry of telephone banking agreement, management of fund SMS service, inquiry/closing of Internet banking agreement, inquiry/closing of mobile banking agreement, inquiry/closing of mobile payment agreement, refunding of "Smart Messenger" service, conversion of fixed deposit into demand deposit, conversion of demand deposit into fixed deposit, transfer between current account and wealth management account, withdrawal of notice deposit, activation of debit card, management of designated transfer agreement (the same holder of IB cards), real-time intra-bank transfer, regular inter-bank transfer, real-time inter-bank transfer, inquiry/updating of information on electronic savings treasury bond client, precious metal account opening, inquiry/change of precious metal account, inquiry/cashing of treasury bond assets, and fund services (assessment of client's risk tolerance, account opening, subscription, purchase, redemption, cancellation, inquiry of entrustment, inquiry of account statement, inquiry of fund account information, and inquiry, registration and cancellation of scheduled closed-end fund investment), purchase of wealth management products, inquiry of subscription of wealth management product, purchase of treasury bonds, inquiry of personal account management fees, inquiry of personal loan account information, application of personal loans, inquiry of personal loan application progress, inquiry of receipt number for designated inter-bank transfer, and private banking service, etc.
Information consulting Inquiry of interest rate, inquiry of foreign exchange rate, inquiry of RMB rate, inquiry of net fund value, tentative calculation of deposit and loan interest, inquiry of precious metal quotation, and booking of airport VIP hall, etc.