Special Recommendation


"Easy Wealth Management" of IB is an operator-based trading service centering on agent transaction launched by IB Client Service Center, and it is designed to be a service-oriented financial product offered by IB Client Service Center upholding the philosophy of "Sincere Service & Easy Wealth Management".

At present the scope of Easy Wealth Management covers easy wealth management agreement signing, fund transactions (account opening, subscription, application, redeeming, order cancellation, inquiry of entrustment, inquiry of account  statement, and inquiry of fund account state), and purchase of treasury bonds. By dialing "95561 – 8 (Operator Service) – 2 (personal finance)", clients may get more information on banking products from our wealth management representatives before making purchase decisions. After confirming the personal information with clients, the wealth management representatives at IB Client Service Center will input transaction commands as per the clients' requirements and shift to the self-service voice service system, which will guide the clients to confirm transaction commands and verify their passwords. After these steps are finished, the wealth management representative will submit and complete the desired transactions. Once the transactions are successfully completed, the system will send an SMS notice to the corresponding cell phone numbers registered by the clients.