Application/User’s Guide

1. Individual Clients

Without the need to sign a written agreement, you can access the "95561" automated voice inquiry and manual consulting services.

For transactions involving changes in account funds, such as transfers, clients need to activate the transfer function and use the online banking SMS Guard. To activate the online banking SMS password, please log in to our bank's Personal Online Banking Platform using your online banking certificate or present your valid identification in person at the counter of an IB branch.

2. Enterprise Clients

Without signing any written agreement, you can enjoy the "95561" manual consulting service.

To use the automatic voice account inquiry function, you need to bring the company's power of attorney and the identity document of the person handling the matter to the bank where the account was opened to apply.

3.Clients should maintain the confidentiality of their phone banking passwords and registered card numbers, and make a habit of regularly changing their passwords. For any service transactions executed using a password, the Bank will treat them as if they were personally conducted by the clients themselves.