Safety Guarantee

◆Security Guarantee

The telephone banking system adopts five security protection measures to ensure transaction safety:

1. Prevention of malicious guessing of password: if an incorrect account password was entered for six times consecutively, the account will be locked up. If an incorrect inquiry password was entered for three times, the system will require resetting the inquiry password.

2. Business control: the services about information, inquiry and wealth management need not be applied, and they are available with a telephone; such services about transfer and fees payment can only be used after application.

3. SMS Guard protection: For such services about transfer and fees payment, it is required to activate the function of SMS Guard protection.

4. Limit for the transfer transaction: A client may set the transfer limit by himself or herself to reduce risks. The transaction limit cannot exceed RMB 5,000,000.

5. "Smart Messenger" reminder: Notification upon change in account and incorrect transaction password to give a timely reminder.

◆Security Notes

1. Please call the telephone banking with your own mobile phone or a fixed telephone;

2. Activate such services involving transfer-out of funds as transfer and payment as needed, set a proper limit and register your mobile phone number correctly. If your mobile phone is lost due to carelessness, please contact the mobile communication operator for loss report and re-apply for the mobile phone number;

3. Please keep your private card, login name, password and other information, and the password should be complex enough and changed on a regular basis; when using the telephone banking at a public place, please take appropriate measures for shielding to enter password, so as to avoid others from peering beside;

4. Don't use the loudspeaker function when entering your password.