Safety Guarantee

Security Guarantee

The telephone banking employs a five-layer security protection to ensure transaction safety:

1.Prevention against Malicious Password Attempts: If the account password is entered incorrectly six times in succession, the account will be locked. If the inquiry password is wrong three times consecutively, the system will either revert to the previous menu or request a password reset.

2.Service Control: Services related to consultation, inquiry, and wealth management don't require an application and can be accessed simply by picking up the phone; services related to transfers and bill payments require a prior application to be usable.

3.SMS Guard Protection: For actions related to transfers and bill payments, activation of SMS Guard is mandatory.

4.Transfer Limit: Clients can set their own transfer limits to mitigate risks. For the maximum transfer amount, please refer to the information displayed in the signing channel.

5."Smart Messenger" SMS Alerts: Notifications for account activity, incorrect password input, and other relevant alerts are sent in real-time.

Security Tips

1.When using telephone banking, please call using your personal mobile phone or landline.

2.Activate services related to transfers and payments as per your requirements, set appropriate limits, and ensure your personal mobile number is correctly registered. If your phone is lost, please contact your mobile service provider promptly to report the loss and retrieve your number.

3.Safeguard your private cards, login credentials (including usernames andpasswords), and other sensitive information. Your password should be sufficiently complex and changed periodically. When using telephone banking in public places, shield your input while entering the password to prevent others from peeking.

4.Please avoid using speakerphone mode while inputting your password.