Service Features

I. Multiple Versions with Broad Compatibility

"Smart IB 3G banking" provides all-sided mobile financial services to clients via online mobile banking and client mobile banking.

Online mobile banking is offered to all mobile phone users, providing mobile financial services anytime and anywhere: clients can directly visit or with mobile phones, and then log on the home page of mobile banking to browse information on the businesses and activities of the bank. One can click to select "China Unicom", "China Mobile", or "China Telecom" logon, or "regular logon", and after successful logon, he or she can handle various businesses.

IPhone mobile banking and Android mobile banking are brand-new VIP systems developed for iPhone and Android users, aiming at providing differentiated mobile financial services to clients according to features of mobile phones: clients must first download the client mobile banking software, and then enjoy the mobile financial services and special value-added services freely.

II. Comprehensive Functions and Complete Services

"Smart IB 3G banking" provides over 300 mobile financial services in a range of categories including website information, inquiry and management, transfer and payment, and investment and wealth management. Through mobile banking, which supports the SMS verification mode, clients, at the touch of a button, can complete real-time transfers between IB accounts, real-time inter-bank transfers, mobile phone number transfer, and regular inter-bank transfers quickly and at their convenience. The funds reach the designated accounts quickly at their convenience. Clients can, in their hands, handle a variety of investment and wealth management products including precious metal, wealth management products, fund, foreign exchange, bank-securities business, smart notice deposit, and loan financing. Credit card services, such as account inquiry, credit card repayment, installment, and cash advancement, can be handled easily at the click of a button.

In addition, the mobile banking platform also provides a range of fashionable and practical value-added services. In the aspect of information, iPhone and Android users can directly inquire about the deposit and loan interest rate, the situation of precious metal market, and net value of fund, etc. In the aspect of tools, IB has added the mobile map and wealth management calculator. In the aspect of payments, services such as mobile phone top-up, and life and entertainment are provided.

III. Fast Logon and Flexible Management

All functional modules of "smart IB 3G banking" are accessible upon logon. After successful logon, all services are available. A client only needs to set the logon mobile phone number once, and then he or she can log on the client-based mobile banking platform easily.

It supports the logon mode with self-defined logon name, so as to facilitate clients to manage multiple accounts flexibly. Clients can use their IB wealth management cards or credit cards to register their logon names via "Online/Client-based Mobile Banking – Service Application – Service Application of Mobile Banking – Registration of Logon Name", and set their logon names and mobile banking passwords. After logon with the logon name, any client may associate an IB card to the logon name through "Service Management – IB Account Management – Add Related Account. A logon name may be associated up to 10 bank cards. After successful association, the client can manage multiple cards with a single logon name.

IV. Professional Services Available at Hand

IB has a professional client service team consisting of retail service teams in branches (counter clerks, hall manager, and retail client manager) – mobile banking product managers of electronic bank centers in branches – electronic bank service group of client service center at the head office – mobile banking product manager of electronic bank department at the head office. The team provides professional "many-to-one" services, ensuring that all clients can enjoy mobile financial services at ease.