Transfer and Remittance

1. Mobile Phone Number Transfer

When you're making a bank transfer, you may find that the beneficiary's account number is too long to remember and type in. Our "mobile phone number transfer" service offers you an easy solution. With the "bank transfers and remittance – mobile phone number transfer" function of our mobile banking, all you need to do is to enter the beneficiary's mobile phone number, and the money will be transferred to the IB account number tied to the mobile phone number.

2. Frequently Used Beneficiary Account

If you're a registered client authorized to transfer money to any account through the mobile banking, the account will be automatically saved as your frequently used beneficiary account after the transfer is completed. In future transfers, you can simply retrieve the account number through the "pick an existing beneficiary account" feature, without having to reenter the beneficiary's information. Through the "add/delete beneficiaries" feature, you can manage your frequently used beneficiary account.

3. Inquiry about Transfer Receipt

After completing your bank transfer, you may send a receipt through the "SMS notice to beneficiary" service of the mobile banking. You can enter the beneficiary's mobile phone number to send the receipt enquiry number to the beneficiary.

The beneficiary may access information on the bank transfer receipt through Online/Client-based Mobile Banking "Service Application → Inquiry about Receipt" by entering the receipt enquiry number and the beneficiary account.