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Voucher exclusive: Anyu Card

As the exclusive card for clients of Enjoyable Life, Anyu Card is the carrier of Enjoyable Life pension financial service. With the Greeting Pine of Mountain Huang as the major element, Anyu Card reflects IB's concept of client first and sincere service, as well as good wishes to health and longevity of aged clients.

It includes silver card and gold card. For common clients aged 50 years or above, they can apply for silver card first and experience comprehensive financial service provided by IB; for gold or higher level clients aged 50 years or above, they can apply for gold card directly and enjoy comprehensive financial service in an all-around way.

Gold card:                                           Regular card:



Hearted Card 

It's an exclusive wealth management card issued by IB in meeting financial service demand of aged clients, carrying the results of IB's unremitting efforts in pension area and cares to massive aged clients.  

Convenient Card 

It supports all settlement functions including payment for consumption, transfer and remittance, deposit and withdrawal and wealth management. Cardholders can also enjoy exclusive benefits and other special offers of Enjoyable Life provided by IB.