Capital safety: Joint account

Fraud is a growing problem recently. Lacking of vigilance, the elders could be cheated and damaged easily. Therefore, IB launched joint account to safeguard account through joint management to funds and prevent economic loss due to fraud.


Joint Management, improve capital safety 

A joint account is managed jointly by all involving parties, and requires identity verification as agreed upon account opening instead of password for withdrawal, providing further safety to the account.

Multiple products, wide choices 

It supports multiple local and foreign currency saving products, various business vouchers such as bank passbook and certificate of deposit, and many joint programs to choose.

Service Channel

Universal saving across the bank is enabled, but universal withdrawal is not available. Clients can deposit at any of IB's outlet, and have to conduct withdrawal, transfer and cancellation at the outlet where they opened the account.


1. It can be opened with real name by 2-6 natural persons jointly.  

2. Savings to joint account can be personal current deposit, personal notice deposit and personal saving of lump-sum savings and lump-sum withdrawal.

3. Joint account can be evidenced by current passbook in local and foreign currency, personal notice certificate of deposit and fixed certificate of deposit in local and foreign currency. Debit card and fixed saving passbook are not supported.

4. Three joint programs can be applied for withdrawal, cancellation and transfer:

1) handled by commissioned personnel with valid ID documents of all involving parties;

2) handled by any involving party with valid ID documents of all involving parties;

3) handled by all involving party with valid ID documents of all involving parties;