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Considerate plan: emergency payment

As simplified banking outlet launched by IB, community banks have been positioned to serve aged clients and residents, paving the "last mile" of banking service.

Relying on community banks, IB has developed various forms of activities, such as respecting the aged at Double Ninth Festival, Congee giving at Laba Festival, laws lectures, lectures on protection of consumer's rights, painting and calligraphy and photography contest, to bring more culture and entertainment elements for the aged clients, improve their awareness of self-protection and make finance more warmer.


Community outlets 

Locating close to community and serving community, community sub-branches are banking outlet around your home.

People-oriented service 

Adopting "peak shifting and extended hour" idea, community banks conduct business till 8 o'clock at night, tallying with life schedule for most urban residents.

Differentiated finance  

IB innovates exclusive products constantly, and provides you with tailored differentiated service through close communication at community sub-branches.

Overview of outlets

Click here for outlets information and find out the one close to you. We expect your visits.