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Personal Comprehensive Consumption Loan

Product Definition Product Features User Guide 

[Product Definition]

Personal Comprehensive Consumption Loans are loans granted to borrowers by IB for the purpose of personal or family consumption expenditure and other consumption expenditure that satisfies the relevant requirements. 

[Product Features]

• Long-term utilization with one credit utilization

The maximum term of credit extension for a personal comprehensive consumption loan may be upto 10 years. 

• Cyclical utilization credit line allows cycled utilization

During the credit extension period, the line of credit may be restored after repayment. 

• Diversified guarantee methods

Many guarantee methods are allowed, such as mortgages, pledges, surety bonds, "pledge + guarantees", or guarantee-free credit. 

• Diversified loan purposes

Consumption purposes include, without limitation, studying abroad, house decoration, travelling, tax payments, substantial purchases of durable consumables or other consumption the borrower or his/her family needs to make. 

[User Guide]

• Application requirements

1. Applicants must be Chinese citizens (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents) aged between 18 (inclusive) and 60 (inclusive) and having a permanent place of residence in the administrative area of the branch, a permanent household residence certificate or valid certificate of residency and full capacity for civil conduct;

2. Applicants should have a good credit rating and should have the ability to repay the loan and interest on schedule.

3. For guaranteed loans, applicants are required to provide legal and valid mortgage, pledge or warrandice accepted by IB.

4. Applicants are required to open a personal settlement account with IB and use a Natural Life Family Wealth Management Card for loan settlement.

5. Other requirements specified by IB.

• Credit line, tenure and interest rate

1. The line of credit shall be determined in consideration of the borrower's credit rating, purpose of loan, the guarantee provided, the amount of loan etc.

2. Loan tenures will vary with the loan purpose and the guarantee provided, and it maybe upto 10 years at most.

3. Loan interest rate: Follows the benchmark interest rate for the corresponding term and the corresponding bracket as announced by the PBC and the responsive floating ratio.

• Method of loan 

A single loan can be applied for and an application for a line of credit is also allowed. 

• Method of repayment

1. Where the loan tenure is no more than one year (inclusive), both the principal and interest shall be repaid on a lump-sum basis when the term of the loan ends. Alternatively, interest may be calculated monthly (or quarterly), and the principal and interest will be settled when the term of the loan ends.

2. Where the loan tenure is longer than one year, principal and interest repayment methods include equal principal and interest repayment, equal principal repayment or other repayment methods accepted by IB.

• Application materials

1. Valid proof of identification, permanent household registration certificate, proof of residential address and certification of marital status of the borrower, his/her spouse and the guarantor (if the guarantee is made by a third party natural person).

2. Proof of personal income and personal assets of the borrower and guarantor (if the guarantee is made by a third party natural person).

3. Relevant agreement or contract on the loan purposes, or other certification.

4. Guarantee-related materials.

5. Other materials required by IB.

(The above information is for reference only and specific handling requirements are subject to provisions of local IB branches. Please consult your local IB outlet for details before going through relevant application procedures.)