Medical loan

It is a RMB credit loan that IB grants to the children of Enjoyable Life's clients for clients' medical expenses occurred domestically.


Simple procedures, relieve clients' emergency 

With property ownership certificate or income certificate, borrowers can obtain unsecured loan up to 300,000 Yuan to timely pay for medical treatment of family members.

Flexible application, special purpose only 

Loan can be used to pay for medical fee during treatment, or used as credit support for self-pay part in paid medical fees.

Multiple uses with one credit extension 

For chronic diseases, borrowers may apply for medical loan credit up to 3 years. Such loan could be used repeatedly under credit line in three years, facilitating wealth planning.

Criteria of borrowers

1. Applicants must be Chinese citizens (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents) aged between 18 (inclusive) to 60 (inclusive) years old that have full civil capacity;

2. Applicants should have a good credit standing and should have the ability to repay the loan and interest on schedule;

3. Other requirements specified by IB.


It should be used for medical expenses for serious diseases of borrower's parents (clients of Enjoyable Life) at designated medical institutions within national medical insurance coverage.

1. Medical costs of outpatient service

2. Medical costs of hospitalization

3. Other expenditures of hospital treatment

Medical costs of outpatient and hospitalization include medicine, treatment, examination, materials and other charges.

Besides loan for treatment, borrowers can also apply medical loan within half year after treatment of his/her parents.

Loan line

The credit/loan line of personal travel loan shall range between 10,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan. The amount will be assessed according to actual purpose. If borrower's parents have received treatment, the amount will be assessed according to self-pay expenditures required by local medical insurance policy.

Loan tenure

The credit extension and loan may be 3 years at most, and single loan under line of credit shall not beyond the maturity date of credit.

 Loan interest rate

Loan interest rate: It follows the benchmark interest rate for the corresponding term and bracket as announced by the PBOC and related floating ratio.