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Enjoyable Trust

It is a trust-based pension financial product launched jointly by IB and professional trust companies. Clients trust their own cash assets to trust companies for management, and banks assist to invest and disclose revenues regularly. According to your wishes and trust agreements, trust companies will pay your selected beneficiaries in specified time for personal pension and family wealth transition.


Exclusive property, safeguard interests  

After a trust is established, it will be managed via special bank account and operated independently, and distribute trust interests to agreed beneficiaries according to trust documents for pension and other demands.

Professional investment, transparent information 

Professional financial institutes such as investment consultants and trustees will provide investment suggestions and operate trust properties, and disclose general operation conditions to the client or beneficiaries regularly.   

Safeguard transition, avoid disputes 

During the operation of trust, should any trigger event happens, trust properties can be delivered to person designated by the client according to trust documents whose defined provisions will be helpful to avoid disputes over claims. of rights.

Flexible operation, fulfill client's wishes 

Flexible investment management and distribution of interests can be adjusted according to clients' wishes, which will be avail to realize clients' wishes and safeguard interests for beneficiaries.  

Mode of Operation

Independent pension: "I decide my own life in later years", clients trust its funds and designate distribution rules of trust properties.

Children being filial: Children put cash into trust and designate their parents as the beneficiaries.

Arrangement in advance: Parents arrange pension program for their children in advance.

Elements of Product 

Client: qualified investors of financial products aged 30 or above.

Minimum amount: 6 million (inclusive) in lump-sum subscription Extra trust will be set up for additional trust properties.

Beneficiaries: primary beneficiary and secondary beneficiary could be designated. If the primary beneficiary abandons trust interests or passes away, then trust interests will be received by the secondary beneficiary.

Model of distribution: Any year after 3 years close period from subscription. Interests could be paid in lump-sum or quarterly till the end of trust. For quarterly payment, the amount shall be 30,000 Yuan at minimum and adjusted at the scale of 30,000 Yuan.

Open day: One agreed open day each year after three years of subscription.

Trust period: A trust period of 3+ N and distribution clauses will be agreed in contract. On each open day after 3 years of close period, clients may choose to redeem or continue to hold. If no interests left after distribution prior to the agreed deadline, the trust shall be terminated. If there are surplus in trust properties upon maturity, it shall be received by the primary beneficiary; if the primary beneficiary abandon trust interests or pass away, then trust interests could be designated to secondary beneficiary.

Scope of Investment

It invests mainly to low and medium risk targets, including domestic or overseas legally registered cash, fixed return, quasi-fixed return (trust product, quasi-trust products), strategic investment, equity investment and alternative investment and other financial tools that permitted to be invested by laws and regulations, CBRC, CSRC and CIRC. It includes:

1. Cash financial tool and assets: bank deposits, monetary market fund, etc.;

2. Fixed return financial tool and assets: bond ( treasury bonds, financial bonds, corporate bonds, subordinated bonds, convertible bonds(including separate barging convertible bonds), central bank bill, short-term financing bonds, ultra short-term financing bonds, medium-term notes) etc.;

3. Quasi fixed return financial tool and assets: assets backed security (preferred subordinated), bonds buy-back, trust wealth management products, specific assets management plan of securities company, special account assets management plan by subsidiaries of securities fund, assets management plan of insurance funds etc.;

4.  Non-fixed returns products, such as strategic investment (structured deposits, hedge fund, and bank wealth management product adopting quantification investment, CPPI and other similar strategies) , equity investment (convertible bonds, common shares, equity fund, hybrid fund and products issued by trust, securities and insurances companies to invest in secondary market) and alternative investment (precious metal, bulk commodity, financial derivatives, REITs, inferior rating fund, PE, insurances, etc.)

5. Other financial tools that permitted to be invested by laws and regulations, CBRC, CSRC and CIRC (subject to relevant provisions of CBRC, CSRC and CIRC).

Model of Management

After the establishment of each Anyu Trust, trustee and investment consultants shall jointly negotiate and determine to invest in relevant financial wealth management products.


The specific agreement in Anyu Trust shall be subject to relevant contracts. The trust properties shall assume the market risk in management procedures. Trustees, investment managers, investment consultants and custodians make no commitment to the profitability during the management, usage and distribution of trust properties.  

Case 1

Professor Qian, 65 years old, has one single daughter. The daughter has performed well academically since childhood, and went abroad for post graduate education. After graduation, she works in Germany, and got married and gave birth to a baby thus settles down in Germany. Professor Qian is going to retire, and decides to stay in China for later years with his wife as they are not used to life abroad. Professor Qian has made great achievements and some savings, while considering for his retired life, he hopes to retain the value of properties and keep stable funds to ensure the quality of life for himself and his wife. As a result, Professor Qian chooses Anyu Trust, and appoints himself and his wife as the primary beneficiary, and their daughter as secondary beneficiary.

His reasons to choose Anyu Trust:

1. It could distribute funds according to his life standard, ensuring daily expenditures of the couple.

2. Compared to social security funds, Anyu Trust features completeness of pension rights, i.e. the beneficiary own both the principal and returns.

3. Anyu Trust expert team is responsible for investment and management, avoiding troubles and risks in selecting products by himself

4. After they pass away, residual trust interest could be distributed to next generations according to Professor Qian's wishes.

Case 2

Both Ms. Yang and his husband are executives with high income in foreign companies. They live in Shanghai with one son. Ms. Yang's parents and brothers live in their hometown. Although a filial daughter, Ms. Yang cannot stay with her parents all the time due to busy work and distance. Ms. Yang hopes to give her parents an amount of pension, but what concerns her is her younger brother who, being spoiled by his parents from childhood, make no attempt to make progress but frequently ask money from Ms. Yang and her husband at the excuse of starting business. Ms. Yang worries that the pension she gave to her parents will be embezzled and squandered by her brother. Therefore, Ms. Yang purchase an Anyu Trust for her parents, with her parents as the primary beneficiary, herself, her son or spouse as the secondary beneficiary.

Her reasons to choose Anyu Trust:

1. Ensure sufficient income for parents in their later years through regular distribution of Anyu Trust

2. Prevent embezzlement of pension through management of Anyu Trust

3. Realize assets separation by Anyu Trust with sound design. After they pass away, residual trust interest of Anyu Trust will not be distributed as heritage of her parents, but transferred to Ms. Yang herself or next generation.