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Banking wealth management product

As a bank which received many awards of wealth management with leading capacity in comprehensive wealth management, IB has been exploring actively in pension wealth management to provide more diversified exclusive financial products in meeting aged clients' pension demand.

In October 2013, IB issued Anyu Pension Wealth No.1 RMB wealth management product, its first exclusive wealth management product for aged clients;

In the first half of 2015, IB released multiple Enjoyable Life pension custody plan based on structured wealth management;

In September 2015, IB launched Anyu Baifu No.2, an open-ended net value wealth management product.


Professional investment, diversified products 

IB will manage your assets with professional level and dutiful attitude, and can achieve a leading ROI on wealth management products in the industry. According to the  favored demand of aged clients, IB will recommend low risk portfolios first to retain/increase your family assets and ensure your financial freedom in later years.

Standard management, transparent information 

IB provides you with more secured wealth management service based on professional platform team and established internal control. IB timely discloses information on the operation of wealth management products at "Banking Wealth Management" section on the home page of its official site, ensuring public, transparent and effective.

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