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Lawyer referral service

When clients of Enjoyable Life need to engage lawyer for lawsuit, arbitration or other non-litigation matters, professional lawyers could be referred and 20% discount will be offered for attorney fee.


Call 95561- 2. Personal finance- 8. operator service

Ask IB service representative to get through legal advisor to appoint lawyer referral service.

Legal specialist will inform lawyer's contact to clients by SMS. or telephone according to the type of case and demand. If clients are determined to engage the lawyer, he/she need to sign agency agreement at the lawyer's firm, pay fees as agreed and enjoy 20% off for attorney fee.


1. Lawyer referral service 

Referring the most capable and case-matching lawyer for the corresponding type of case

2. Favorable attorney fee 

Clients can enjoy 20% off on attorney fee for lawyers engaged through the service.


1. The service shall be used only by clients of Enjoyable Life who are defendants or defending party to an application once a year per person.

2. Service hour: 9:00-17:00 on business days