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Compensation of court costs

If clients of Enjoyable Life are involved in lawsuit or arbitration, they may receive a compensation of court costs up to 3,000 Yuan after a judgment or arbitration award becomes effective.  


Clients engage lawyer via legal consulting service of Enjoyable Life, and legal specialist will track in the whole course if lawsuit or arbitration takes place. (See procedure of "lawyer referral service" for details).  

Generally, clients will receive compensation of court costs after the lawsuit or arbitration is over and within 7 days after submission of relevant materials.  


If clients engaged lawyer via legal consulting service of Enjoyable Life and actually undertook the court costs, they may receive compensation up to 3,000 Yuan after the lawsuit or arbitration is over. 


1. Materials for compensation of court costs: copy of client's own ID card, copy of written judgment, medication document or written verdict issued by court or written award issued by arbitration office, original receipt for payment of court costs, attorney fee and other expenses (original receipt of court acceptance fee; original receipt of application fee; original documents of car fare, accommodation fee, living expenses and subsidies related to appearance in court on the date designated by courts for witnesses, appraisers, interpreters, adjustment personnel), and other materials related to cases.  

2. The service shall be applicable after the lawsuit or arbitration (subject to proof of service by statutory body) in which clients are defendants or defending party to an application takes place.  

3. Each client of Enjoyable Life may have one compensation service a year.  

4. Service hour: 9:00-17:00 on business days 

Case 1

Ms. Lin engaged a lawyer via legal consulting service of Enjoyable Life for a case related to inheritance of property, and had to pay over 3,000 Yuan court costs after the lawsuit. Through its compensation service of court costs, IB provided 3,000 Yuan compensation for Ms. Lin.