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Testament Service

Testament is the carrier of wealth and love. To solve concerns of aged clients and continue family tradition, IB provides clients of Enjoyable Life with testament service.


1. Guidance on self-written testament 

A template of testament made by professional lawyer will be provided by IB. After completion by clients, professional lawyers will check and review the content, and provide opinions, if necessary, for clients' reference. Online and offline guidance will be provided.

2. Stationed consulting service of lawyers 

Professional lawyer will station at IB outlets and communities regularly, consult testament related legal questions and guide on self-written testament. Clients may also request for testament witness by lawyers, and IB staff will appoint time separately.

3. Introduction of testament knowledge 

IB organizes lectures on legal knowledge regularly, and invites professional lawyers to introduce the definition and characteristics of testament, format and procedure in the formation of testament, witness of testament and other basic legal knowledge, helping aged clients to protect their own rights and family harmony with testament.

4. Agency accompanying and assistance 

It means assisting clients of self-written testament to finish notarization, including assign staff to appoint time of notarization for clients, and to prepare necessary materials for notarization, or accompanying clients to handle notarization.


1. Basic Procedure 

Call 95561- 2. Personal finance- 8. operator service

Ask IB service representative to get through legal advisor to appoint testament service.

Within 3 business days of appointment, legal specialist will agree on specific service time with clients.

2. Online instruction for self-written testament 

After appoint and complete testament instruction service via "1-basic procedure", clients can upload the testament to, the designated platform of legal consulting service of IB Enjoyable Life. Within 5 business days, professional lawyers will provide complete review opinion.


1. The service can be used only by clients of Enjoyable Life.

2. Each client of Enjoyable Life can enjoy one time of free testament service every year.  

3. Client can log on, the designated platform of legal consulting service of IB Enjoyable Life. User name is the registered telephone number and initial pass word is the last 6 digits of the telephone number. Should telephone number changes, please call 95561 to change.

4. Clients shall assume the notarization fee and charges of testament service beyond free service, if any.  

5. Service hour: 9:00-17:00 on business days

Case 1

Notarization of testament solving worries 

Mr. Huang has an apartment, 200,000 Yuan savings, and two children. After his wife passed away, his eldest son has always took care of his daily life. Worrying about property dispute after his death, Mr. Huang wishes to make a testament when he is still healthy. So he made a testament one year ago, which indicates to leave the apartment and 100,000 Yuan savings to eldest son and another 100,000 Yuan to youngest daughter. Unexpectedly, the son squabbled with him and even abused him out of trivial matters. Mr. Huang felt very sad and decided to change testament, giving all his property to daughter. One day, Mr. Huang came to save money at one of IB's outlets. Noting the posters about legal service of Enjoyable Life, he consulted Manager Xu and found out IB just launched testament service. As he was worried about testament matters, Mr. Huang consulted the issue with Manager Xu in detail. Realizing his demand, Manager Xu instantly called 95561 and get through legal advisor. On the following day, a legal expert contacted Mr. Huang, and suggested him to rewrite the testament according to his intention as legal testament is of great importance in the formation of testament. He also offered to assist Mr. Huang to handle notarization of testament to strengthen the validity of testament on law. Mr. Huang indicated that is exactly what he needs. On the following day, they came to the IB outlet early in the morning. With the guidance of the legal expert, Mr. Huang made a new testament and informed that the prior testament became void. The legal expert also helped Mr. Huang to prepare necessary materials and assisted him to handle notarization.

A week later, Mr. Huang came to IB again, and told Manager Xu gladly, "the notarization of testament is completed. I will tell my friend about your legal advising service. Thanks to IB's service, now we have support for our later years in life. "”

Case 2

Worry about fortune transition? Let stationed lawyer help you! 

Mr. Wang married his ex-wife in 1982 and had two sons and one daughter. In 1990, he left hometown and founded Dafa factory with Mr. Zhao and Mr. Qian. In 1996, he divorced by agreement and three children were awarded to his ex-wife. In 1997, he married Ms. Liu and had two daughters after marriage. In 2005, Dafa factory was transformed to Dafa Company in which Mr. Wang, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Qian holds 60%, 20% and 20% shares respectively. In 2008, Mr. Zhao transferred 20% shares to Ms. Liu. As he doesn't feel good recently, Mr. Wang thought he should make a testament. However, with such a complex family relations and property ownership, he found it's difficult to write the testament, especially for the distribution of his hard-earned shares.

Mr. Wang has always been a client of IB. Knowing his worries, Manager Li recommended the new testament service to him. After contacted legal expert through 95561, Mr. Tan, a lawyer from Shanghai XX law firm, visited private bank for stationed consulting. Mr. Tan effectively solved Mr. Wang's questions with his professional, careful and patient answers.

With guidance from Mr. Tan, Mr. Wang wrote a testament according to his own intention. To further improve the validity of the testament, Mr. Tan also suggested him to handle notarization of testament. Mr. Tan accompanies Mr. Wang during notarization in whole course, saving a lot of time and energy for him. Afterwards, Mr. Wang was very satisfied with IB's considerate service.