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IB provides clients of Enjoyable Life with professional consulting service over legal issues. There is no time or times limit, and legal experts will be available to answer your questions in 7 x 24 basis.


Our legal experts can cover various legal areas, including but not limited to:

Theme  Content 
Community Life Disputes over high toss act, pet feeding issue in community, neighborhood
Protection of consumers' rights Protection of travelers' and consumers' rights
Protection of children Protection of minors, support of young children
Protection of rights on home decoration How to define the protection of rights to diseases caused by poor environmental protection and home decoration?
Internet safety Protection of rights in shopping online, payment safety, Internet fraud, telecom fraud
Traffic regulation Traffic safety and traffic regulations.
Real estate ownership Legal issues related to transaction, lease and other aspects of real estate
Wealth inheritance Property safety and inheritance in marriage and family
Medical disputes Medical disputes and prevention
Fire protection regulations How to protect rights if neighbor's house gets fired and burns to your own house? What are the consequences and legal liabilities of damaging fire-fighting equipment or occupying firefighting access by decoration?
Family and marriage New marriage law and related judicial interpretation, community property and etc.
Credit and debt How to protect the safety of loan and related credit and debt questions
Investment safety Legal questions on personal wealth and investment safety


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Ask IB service representative to get through legal advisor for consulting.


No limit on service times or time. The service is available 7 x 24 all year long.

Case 1

With the 24 hour online legal consulting service of Enjoyable Life provided by IB, Mr. Lin obtained professional suggestions from lawyer and successfully recovered 300,000 Yuan by legal means according to lawyer's opinions.


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