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Enjoyable Life club

IB has established entertainment platforms. across the country on painting, Taijiquan, vocal music, children education and appreciation, and etc. Colorful life starts from joining IB Enjoyable Life Club.

Aim of the Club

Cultivate hobbies and interests for aged clients

Foster emotional communication for aged clients

Improve service quality of Industrial Bank

Promote mainstream culture in the society

Admittance standard

Middle- and-old-aged natural person of 50 years or above with civil capacity who love life, tourism and exercise, and are willing to contribute to philanthropy and enrich their spare time.  

Dedicated members: club members who are already VIP client of IB.

Experience members: For non-IB client or non-VIP client of IB, they will be invited by IB to experience activities organized by Enjoyable Life club.


1. Financial services: exclusive wealth management service, credit financing, exclusive voucher, convenient settlement, emergency payment, green channel at outlets and etc.

2. Value-added services: value-added service for retail VIP mainly, including airport VIP service, healthcare service (appointment of registration with expert, medical service guiding, consulting by experts all day long, health SMS. and health checkup) and etc.

3. Specialized services: legal protection, lawyer consulting, personal and property insurances, economic loss insurance, legal and health lectures and etc.

4. Featured services: regional and characteristic services organized by local clubs, including study group for painting and calligraphy, photography, cooking and healthcare; singing, square dance, painting and calligraphy, photography and other competitions; poverty alleviation, contribution, donation and other public benefits activities.