Personal Banking

IB e-card

It is an Internet banking concept card which could be used as an electronic card for remittance, fees payment or shopping payment online, or could be issued as a physical card for use at IB's outlets, UnionPay ATMs, POS and other channels, bringing you an easy and pleasure life online.


Convenient Application

Wherever you are, an IB client or not, you can apply for an e-card by logging on, and mobile banking terminal.

Benefits with e-card

If the transfer-in place has an IB outlet, the inter-bank remittance with an IB e-card via Internet banking or mobile banking will be free of charge.

Powerful functions

Among many other IB cards, IB e-card basically covers all the functions of IB banking cards. For IB e-card applied via IB Internet banking, functions such as online transfer and remittance, online fees payment and online payment will be opened by default, making your life easy and convenient. For IB e-card applied via IB mobile banking, you can conduct functions such as inquiry, repayment of your own credit card and investment with your mobile banking account directly.

Flexible Use

You may choose not to have the physical e-card and only use it via the electronic channel such as Internet banking, or apply for the physical e-card and use it at ATMs, POS, counters and other channels, experiencing a new trendy way of card using.

Charging rate

pplication for account opening: no charge.

pplication for physical card: no charge.

ransfer and remittance via personal Internet banking/mobile banking: no charge for transfer to an IB account; regular inter-bank transfer: no charge if the transfer-in place has an IB outlet ; charge at the rate for non-local inter-bank transfer if the transfer-in place has not an IB outlet; charge the same as those of wealth management card for real-time inter-bank transfer.

harge on withdrawal: the same as those for IB wealth management card regarding withdrawal with physical card.

harge on deposit: the same as those for IB wealth management card regarding deposit with physical card.

Note: IB reserves the right to change the charge rate.

Application Procedure

Apply for an IB e-card

1. Application via personal Internet banking

If you have an IB account with withdrawal by password,please log on personal Internet banking, and apply for an IB e-card via "IB e-card" -> "Online application". Upon successful application, your IB e-card is available for use immediately.

2. Application via mobile banking

If you have an IB wealth management card with withdrawal by password or an IB credit card, you may apply for an IB e-card as follows:

1) Visit online mobile banking, and follow the steps of "Home" -> "Application"->"Apply for an IB e-card".

2. After logging on the mobile banking with logon name and wealth management card number, and follow the steps of "Customer Management" -> "Apply for an IB e-card";

* For IB e-cards applied via mobile banking can use most of the services offered by mobile banking. But users will need to go to one of IB's outlets for services such as transfer, remittance and self-service fees payment via mobile banking.

3. If you are not a client of IB, you can visit IB's official site, via the logon area at the right side-> "Personal Internet Banking"->"Apply for an IB e-card", then complete the application form online, and handle the formalities at any of IB's outlets with your valid ID documents.

Apply for a physical IB e-card

Three ways to apply for a physical IB e-card: apply a physical card and e-card at one time; follow the steps of personal Internet banking "IB e-card" -> "Management of Physical Card"; or apply at any of IB's outlets. After successful application, IB will mail the physical card to you. Upon receipt, please activate your physical card by logging on personal Internet banking "IB e-card" -> "Management of Physical Card" -> "Activate Physical Card".


1. Withdrawal in RMB or foreign currency and foreign currency transfer will not be available when you have not applied for a physical card.

2. If you choose not to apply for a physical card after the successful application of e-card, please keep your card number in mind for your use on electronic banking. If you forget your card number, you may inquire about it at IB's outlets or "Card number inquiry of e-card" at lower right corner at log-on page of personal Internet banking.