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UnionPay Express Fund Supermarket

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It is a new function of bank card firstly launched by IB and ChinaPay E-payment Service Co., Ltd. When you log on our website, you can open an account, subscribe, purchase, redeem and receive dividend of open-ended funds.


★ Simple procedure, preferential rate

You can apply for the service just by logging on IB Internet banking instead of visiting outlets. Besides, as the cost of online direct sale is lower than those of agency sale, fund companies may not only waive handling fee at opening, some of them even offer more preferential rates.  

★ Various products on one site

You can buy various fund products from different fund companies with your IB wealth management card. There are over 100 funds issued by dozens of domestic fund companies, including GF Fund, HuaAn, China Merchants, E Fund, Changsheng, Harvest and Dacheng. More funds will be included in the future.

★ Buy funds anytime just at home

Different from traditional agency sales, you can save your efforts when buying different products at different banking outlets. You can complete all the application procedures online with a wealth management card. Once UnionPay Express Fund supermarket is activated, fund products from many different fund companies can be traded at one platform. Moreover, UnionPay Express supports 24 x 7 transactions. You can log on websites of those fund companies to trade fund anytime anywhere.

★ No limitation on amount and location

You can set the amount for fund trade online on your own. As long as you have enough deposit in your wealth management card, you can trade funds and is subject to no restriction on amount or location.

★ Safe transaction, Controllable risks

By binding wealth management card and fund account, subscription, purchase and redemption will be conducted under one card, which is for the safety of your capital. 


1. What are the differences between UnionPay Express Fund Supermarket and traditional agency sales?

The former is the direct sales model, while the latter is the agency sales model. As the cost of direct sales online is lower than those of agency sales, fund companies may not only waive handling fee at opening, some of them even offer more favorable rates.

2. How to activate UnionPay Express Fund Supermarket?

To apply for this service, you only need to hold a Natural Life family wealth management card, log on, choose Internet personal banking, click "UnionPay" Express Fund Supermarket under "Fund" Menu, and operate as prompted by the system. There will be no need to do any formality at counters.

3. How to trade funds?

Once the service is activated, you can open an account, subscribe, purchase, and redeem open-ended funds by logging on the websites of fund companies, IB Internet banking and and operating accordingly.

4. What about the charges of UnionPay Express Fund Supermarket?

In addition to the subscription, purchase and redemption fee charged by fund companies, you need to pay inter-bank transfer fees stipulated as below:

2 Yuan per transaction for purchase less than 5,000 Yuan (inclusive);

3 Yuan per transaction for purchase between 5,000 Yuan to 50,000 Yuan (inclusive);

5 Yuan per transaction for purchase between 50,000 Yuan to 100,000 Yuan (inclusive);

8 Yuan per transaction for purchase higher than 100,000 Yuan;

(Pay only at purchase and subscription. Charge for redemption will be covered by fund companies))

5. When can I inquire shares of funds after subscription?

Generally, you can inquire about the status of the purchase and the shares confirmed in T+2 (business days for funds).

6. When will the capital be returned if subscription or purchase is confirmed to be failed?

If subscription or purchase is failed, the capital will be returned to your account in T + 2 at latest, and become available in T +3.

7. When will the redemption amount arrive to my account?

It varies among fund companies. Generally, the amount will be returned to your account in T + 4 at latest and become available in T + 5, which will be postponed accordingly when there is a festival or holiday.

8. When I proceeded to the second step of activating UnionPay Express Fund Supermarket, why the UnionPay page did not pop up?

Please check whether your browser has setup for blocking pop-up windows. If that's the case, please allow pop-up window in your browser, and restore the set up after the business is activated.