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Safety Guide for Card Use

Safety Use Manual of IB Natural Life Family Wealth Management Card

1. Introduction

2. Safety of Card

3. Safety of Password

4. Safety of ATM Operation

5. Safety of Swiping Card on POS

6. Safety of Online Shopping

7. Safety of Internet Banking

8. Common Cases on Fraud Prevention

9. Loss Report


1. Introduction

It is our unchanged goal to deliver better services and functions for IB Natural Life family wealth management card ("wealth management card") which is also our promise in building an excellent card brand. To ensure "care-free use and safe payment" of wealth management card, and avoid trouble due to incorrect use, we hereby present you with this safety manual. It includes necessary information and tips on safe use as well as the analysis and prevention skills to common fraud cases, which will help you to have a better experience in using wealth management card.


2. Safety of Card

★ Obtain your card

Please set a 6-digits safety transaction password if you apply for and obtain wealth management card from our bank's counters; or be sure the envelope containing password is intact if you apply for and obtain card in batch. Please change your password or reset your password at the card issuing bank as soon as possible if the envelope was broken.

★ Card keeping

Please keep your cards as carefully as you can, do not leave it unattended or lend to others.

Please keep your wealth management card and ID card separately in case of unnecessary loss.

Do not put your card in a bag, briefcase, coat pocket and other places that is easily forgotten when you are in public places.

To protect the magnetic stripe, please do not put cards close to magnetic or sharp objects

Please report the loss by calling 95561 if your card is lost, stolen or used illegally.

★ Protect card information

Please destroy the magnetic stripe (or chip) of the old card when you get a replacement due to the old one is worn out.

Carefully keep your sales slip, statement of account and other bills of your wealth management card or destroy them in due time. Do not just discard them as they contain sensitive information such as card number.

Do not tell others your card number or reply suspicious email or SMS requesting card number, or leave such information in public computers.  IB will not send email or SMS requesting your card number in any circumstances. Please call 95571 to verify if you receive such information.

Please carefully check statement of account and pay attention to capital movement regularly, and contact the card issuing branch if there is unauthorized transaction.

★ Card use

Check your card and the card information from time to time

Write down the emergency telephone number of issuing branch, and keep such information away from your wallet.

You may change your password at our bank's counters, ATM, online banking and telephone banking anytime

It is suggested to have two or more wealth management cards, one for daily use and the other for investment. Avoid to use your investment card at ATM or POS, and limit the balance of daily use card as appropriate.

Keep an close eye on your card when swiping card at POS

While operating at ATM, note whether the inserting port has been modified; do not leave right after your card has been swallowed by ATM, and you may call service telephone number on ATM screen or 95561 for help. Please take back your card and cash timely when transaction is completed

While operating at ATM, do not let criminal offenders to switch your card by distracting your attention

Please check your card at our counters if you frequently encounter irregularities during consumption or withdrawal.


3. Safety of Password

★ Set Password

Please set password that is easy to remember but hard to decode. To prevent from being decoded by criminal offenders, do not set password which composed of simple numbers (such as 111111) or use birthday or telephone number as password.

★ Password keeping

Do not write down password or keep it at any reachable or accessible places to others. Do not store password in your mobile phone or even write it at the back of card

Never keep your password and card together.

Be sure you are the only person knowing your password. If you suspect that your password might be leaked, please change your password at our bank's counters, ATM, Internet banking or telephone banking immediately.

Do not disclose your password to anyone. Banks and public security bureaus will never ask about your password.

★ Card use

No need to enter password when swiping at the access control to self-service bank

Note whether there are extra devices or cameras at access control or ATM, or whether password keyboard has been modified.

When entering password, use the other hand or body to block the view of your gesture, preventing peep from others or pinhole cameraIf you detected the password has been peeped, please change your password immediately, or report loss by calling 95561, and conduct loss report in written at the counter of the card issuing branch with your valid ID documents in 5 days.


4. Safety of ATM operation

★ Before operation

No need to enter password when swiping at the access control to self-service bank

Make sure of your personal safety first. Then pay attention to the safety of nearby environment. Look out to the people around. Please move to another ATM if someone is too close with you and behaves suspiciously.

Check ATM. Do not use an ATM if there are extra devices or cameras at the ATM, or the inserting port or cashing port shows abnormal situations or has been modified.

Read bank's announcement carefully. Our bank never publish announcement which ask clients to transfer money into designated account. Never trust such announcement, and please report to our bank or public security bureau asap if you've found such announcements.

Be alert to SMS fraud. Please be alert to suspicious SMS, and inquire about it by calling 95561 if you have any doubt. Do not call the numbers contained in such message.

★ During operation

Focus on your operation; do not accept help "in good faith" or inquiry from strangers. Cover the inserting port with your hand when someone is distracting your attention, preventing cheaters from switching your card.

Enter password as quickly as you can and use your body to ward off your gesture, preventing peep from criminal offenders

Do not leave right after your card has been swallowed by ATM or cash has not been delivered, and you may call service telephone number on ATM screen or 95561 for help.

★ After operation

Remember to take back your card and cash before you leave

Please be sure the card returned is your own card.

If you choose to print transaction slip at ATM, please keep it carefully or destroy it timely, and do not discard it carelessly.


5. Safety of Swiping Card on POS

★ Before swiping

Upon receipt of wealth management card, be sure to sign your name at the back of card, and carefully set and store password according to the abovementioned tips.

★ During swiping

Always keep an eye on cards when swiping your card at malls, and pay attention to the times the cashier swipes your card.

When entering password, use the other hand or body to ward off your gesture, preventing peep from criminal offenders

★ After swiping

After cashier returns sales slip and card, please carefully check whether the amounts on the slip are correct and the card is your own card.

If there are abnormal situations, please keep the sales slips carefully. You can contact our bank with sales slips and statements of account when you encounter repeated payment or other situations.

Please check the card use according to your statement of account. Contact the issuing branch or call 95561 if you have any doubt.


6. Safety of Online Shopping

★ Know the online merchants you are dealing with

You should only shop at trusted websites. To verify the merchant's authenticity and reliability during your first deal, it is suggested to confirm their landline (not mobile) telephone and mailing (not postbox) address.

★ Visit safe websites

While paying at payment pages, please make sure the prefix of website address has become "https://" and  pattern has shown at the lower right corner of IE explorer, which indicates that your transaction is protected by encryption; if  is shown on the webpage, then that must be a fake mark made by criminal offenders.

★ Protect personal information

You are suggested to check the privacy protection provisions in order to understand which information about you has been collected by merchants, and how it will be used. Never disclose important information such as account info or password.

★ Save order and sales provisions

As shopping webpage may change at any time, it is suggested to print relevant information concerning consumption guarantee on orders and webpage, including delivery time, client service and return policy. If you're cheated, please report the case in time to the industrial and commercial administrative authorities.

★ Check your statement of account regularly

If you notice any suspicious transaction, please contact our bank immediately.

★ Protect your wealth management card

Never leave your card unattended. Avoid lending it to others or allowing others to copy the back of your card.It is suggested to have one card especially for online payment.

★ Prevent embezzlement of account

Do not disclose your card number, voucher number, password and other important information to made-up sellers. Do not log on induced payment platform offered by sellers, and be careful of false payment websites.


7. Safety of Internet Banking

★ Log on the official website of our bank

Enter directly into your browser, and do not visit Internet banking via links from other websites. Please immediately report to our bank if you found any counterfeited website.

★ Check security lock

When using services from personal Internet banking, please make sure thepattern is shown at the lower right corner of IE explorer, which indicates that your transaction is protected by encryption.

★ Do not disclose your account and password

Do not disclose account and password to anyone. Do not trust any request of account number and password by email, SMS, telephone and other methods. If you already disclosed account number and password to an unknown person or website, please change your password via Internet banking or counter service promptly, or report the loss of your password by calling 95561.Try not to use Internet banking at public (such as Internet cafe); Remember to exit Internet banking when you finish operation or leave half way.

★ Set a complex password only for Internet banking

Do not use simple array of numbers, birthday, telephone number as password, and use separate passwords for Internet banking and other purposes. 

★ Use digital certificate correctly

Digital certificate is data that contain user's identity, public key and digital signature of identity certifying body. It is your identity certificate for your communication and business activities online. Certificate signature equals to your written signature at law. During each step of electronic deals, all parties in the transaction will need to verify the validity of the digital certificate of the opposite side, thus obtaining trust from each other. Therefore, you have to keep your certificate and password very carefully and do not disclose it to others. Generally, certificate signature is impossible to counterfeit. There will be no risk as long as you keep good care of your certificate and password.

★ Check balance and details of your account regularly

Please contact our bank in time to avoid loss if any unusual transaction or accounting error is found.

★ Ensure the safety of your computer

To protect your computer from hostile attack or damage from virus, please use complex power-on password on your computer, set up fire wall, install and regularly update anti-virus software.


8. Common Cases on Fraud Prevention

Case 1: Card swallowing + false notification

Fraud scenario: Cheaters would first set device at inserting port of ATM to swallow cards, and paste false bank notice beside ATM. After tricking cardholders into offering their password by acting as bank staff and asking cardholders to leave with some excuses, cheaters withdraw money illegally from ATM.

Tips: If an ATM goes wrong, you should stay on and call the service telephone on the ATM screen or 95561 to contact us. Be careful to the service number on the notice beside ATM. Remember, bank staff will never ask you about your password, which is only tricks of cheaters.

Case 2: Card swallowing + password peeping

Fraud scenario: Cheaters would first set device at inserting port of ATM to swallow cards and peep at the password from the back of cardholders or at a distance with a telescope. After cardholders left, cheaters take out of bank card and withdraw money with the password.

Tips: Be careful of suspicious person while withdrawing money at ATM. Please be alert and protect your password from peep when strangers approach.

Case 3: Card number stealing + card counterfeiting

Fraud scenario: cheaters peep card number or password with micro-camera, or pick up ATM/POS slip dropped by cardholders, and counterfeit bank card to withdraw money illegally.

Tips: Do not discard ATM/POS slip carelessly or disclose your card number and password to others.

Case 4: False notice

Fraud scenario: Cheaters would post a false bank notice which, with the excuses such as "bank program debugging", asks cardholders to transfer their money to designated account via ATM and acquire deposits illegally.

Tips: Any notice requiring transfer to designated account must be a trap. If you find any such notice, please report to our bank or public security bureau ASAP.

Case 5: Password peeping + card switching

Fraud scenario: Cheaters would peep at password while cardholders is withdrawing money, drop money on purpose and "friendly remind" cardholders to pick up money. In the meantime, his/her accomplice switches the bank card on ATM quickly.

Tips: Do not accept help from "warmhearted person", and cover the inserting port while distracted by others to prevent card switching.

Case 6: Cheat by pretending bank staff

Fraud scenario: Cheaters would first make a scene as if the ATM swallows your card due to malfunction, then trick you into telling the card number, password and other information by pretending bank staff for repairing the machine, and eventually make a counterfeit card and withdraw money illegally.

Tips: Bank staff would never ask you about your withdrawal password. Be alert to such "staff".

Case 7: False SMS

Fraud scenario: Under the name of "consumption to be confirmed" or "disclosure of card data" and with excuses such as transferring to a safe account or add safety code, cheaters induce cardholders through SMS or telephone to transfer at ATM or directly obtain victim's card number and password.

Tips: Be alert to such messages. If you have doubts about your consumption under your bank card, you should inquiry at the bank counters or by calling 95561. Do not call telephone number contained in such messages which might be a trap set by cheaters.

Case 8: Card swallowing+ fake access control or password stealing with fake keyboard

Fraud scenario: Cheaters would steal cardholder's password electronically and deposits illegally by setting device to swallow cards at inserting port of ATM or install fake password keyboard or fake access control on ATM.

Tips: While using ATM, check the parts that could be easily modified, such as inserting port, cashing port, keyboard or hidden camera. If your card is swallowed, please stay on and call 95561 for help. Remember, no password is required at access control.


9. Loss Report

In case your card is lost, stolen or being used illegally, please report the loss by calling 95561 to freeze your account and prevent loss from fraud. Holders of our wealth management card can report the loss by calling 95561, and must report the loss in written at a counter of the card issuing branch with your valid ID documents in 5 days.

Hotline of our bank and UnionPay Anti-fraud service center:

Industrial Bank 95561

UnionPay Anti-fraud service center 95516*1