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Guide to Overseas Use of Cards

IB Natural Life family wealth management cards can be used abroad. With UnionPay wealth management cards, you can shop and withdraw cash in over 160 countries and regions across Asia, America, Europe, Oceania and Africa, without the inconveniences of carrying cash while enjoying shopping abroad.

How to use wealth management card abroad?

No additional procedures required for using wealth management card abroad. You still need to enter password for consumption at POS, withdrawal and inquiry at ATM, and need to sign sales slip for consumption at POS.

Where can I use the card?

With "UnionPay" wealth management cards, you can conduct consumption at POS and withdrawal at ATM with "UnionPay" logo in over 160 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, U.S., French, Luxembourg, Spain, Japan, Belgium, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Egypt, Ukraine, Austria, Cambodia, South Africa and Denmark.

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When shopping abroad, is there any risk concerning currency exchange?

When you use a wealth management card abroad, the deduction made to your card is in local currency and the money you withdraw at an ATM is local notes. For settlement, your consumption amount will be converted into RMB by UnionPay at official exchange rate announced by Chinese authority on the transaction day. The converted consumption amount in RMB will be deducted from your RMB current account of wealth management card in real time. As long as you have enough RMB current deposit in your wealth management card, you can be assured to use your card and assume no risk in exchange rate.

If I have deposits in HKD or other foreign currencies in my wealth management card, is it possible to deduct amount from HKD account or other foreign currencies account?

All your overseas transactions will be deducted from your RMB current account of wealth management card, no matter if you have HKD/other foreign currencies or not.

Is there any limitation for using card abroad?

According to rules of PBOC, UnionPay cards shall only be used for tourism related consumption abroad. Transfer and/or withdrawal at bank counters or at POS are not supported.

For withdrawal at overseas ATM, cardholders are subject to no limitations on withdrawal times but total amount, i.e., total amount per card shall not exceed the amount equivalent to 10,000 RMB per day, and shall not exceed the amount equivalent to 100,000 RMB per year. As required by State Administration of Foreign Exchange and UnionPay, cardholders must not conduct transaction at restrictive merchants (such as casino);single transaction shall not exceed the amount equivalent to 5,000 USD at amount limited merchants (such as insurance); and single transaction at certain MCC (7299-individual services not listed in other code) merchants shall be subject to the amount limit of the amount limited merchants. For overseas consumption, the daily default cap is 1 million Yuan per card in general regions, and 0.5 million Yuan per card in special region (Macau).

What should I do if I lost my wealth management card or have my card swallowed by an ATM abroad?

If you lost your wealth management card, please report for loss by calling 86-21-38769999, and go through written formalities of report at issuing branch of IB when you come back to mainland China.

If your wealth management card is swallowed by ATM, please keep the slip and remember the telephone marked on the ATM, and go to the outlet governing such ATM to pick up your card in 3 days (in case of festival or holiday, it shall be postponed accordingly) with your valid identity documents (e.g. passport) and other materials proving card ownership. The card will be destroyed if not picked up in 3 days, and cardholders will have to apply for a replacement back to mainland.