Personal Banking

Self service banking

Overviews on functions

• The ATM provides transactional services such as the withdrawal, transfer and inquiry on the bankcards of us and other banks, the password change of our bankcards, earmark transactions on our and other banks' card, which meet the basic requirement of PBOC2.0, and inquiry on digital cash.

• Besides all the services the ATM provides, the CRS also provide service such as depositing with or without our bankcards or books.

• The Self-help service provides functions such as the transfer and inquiry of our bankcards, bankbooks service and corporate banking, fee-collecting service, loss registration service, and financial information checks.

Features of services

• Comprehensive and detailed enquiries and services. Ours ATM, CRS and Self-help service will provide you with the account balance of your demand and fixed RMB, dollar, JPY, HDK accounts, and the details of your last 10 transactions so the clients could have a comprehensive understanding.

• Convenient access to your bank account. As long as you insert our bankcard and enter the right password, Ours ATM and CRS will enter into the withdrawal interface, and provide you with your demand account balance, so you can have detailed information of your financial situation.

• Friendly and consistent interface. At anywhere, regardless of brand and model, our ATM, CRS and Self-help service will provide you with excellent and consistent service.

• The informative content to connect us all. Our ATM, CRS and Self-help service will play content regarding our service and public image, which could help you understand us and motivate us to provide you better service.

• Caring service, no holding-out your bankcards. Our ATM, CRS and Self-help service are set never to hold out your bankcards expect cards under loss registration or the request of other banks, and save your troubles.

• The account number blocking for your security. The last few digits of your account number on your customer receipt are blocked with "*", which prevents other people from copying your card.

• Six password entering opportunity to provide security. After entering the wrong password for the sixth time, the system will automatically exit and lock your bankcard. You have to unlock your card or register a password loss at any of our branches, provided with your own IDs.

• Overtime protection to eliminate all risks If you don't press any buttons in 30 seconds, our ATM, CRS and Self-help service's system will give you overtime prompt and exit your card, if the cards haven't been recovered in 30 seconds, the machine will hold out your cards. You can recover your bankcard in the regarding branch with your own effective ID.

• Making deposits with no physical card for your convenience. You can make deposits to your account with no physical bankcards or bankbooks, the system will automatically show the name of the account holder to prevent misoperation.

 Subjects of our service

• All the individual and corporate clients with our bankcards and accounts

• The holder of other banks' cards with access to information checks, withdraw and transfer at the UnionPay system.

Methods of application

Our individual and corporate clients can immediately enjoy all the self-service banking functions without registration.

Customer right

•Individual clients can conduct financial information checks, bankcards and books transactions, banking-securities transactions, and a variety of fee payments through self-service banking.

•Corporate clients can conduct password change, account balance check, and detailed information inquiries through self-help service.


• Please follow the Instruction

• The Instruction of the ATM and CRS

• The ATM has all the above-mentioned functions except "depositing".

• The CRS has all the above-mentioned functions.

• The scope of the inquires and the withdrawal limit for card from other banks are determined by the issuing banks

• The Instruction of the self-help service

Main interface First interface Second interface Third interface
Financial information Introduction to Industrial Bank Overview on Industrial Bank  
Bank's management  
We committed to provide you sincere service  
Developing our banks through science and technology  
Major events in our development  
Introduction to our bank's business    
Introduction to our branches Address of our branches  
Address of our ATMs  
Banking regulations and laws    
Inquiries on interest rate/exchange rate Inquiries on interest rate  
Inquiries on exchange rate  
Latest update on new businesses    
Bankbooks' business Demand bankbooks Change of password  
Converted demand bankbooks to bankcards  
Renew bankbooks  
Bankbooks updates  
Time Deposit of Lump-sum Deposit and Withdrawal Change of password  
Inquiries on detailed transactional statements  
notice bankbooks Make withdraw appointments  
Cancel withdraw appointments  
Make appointments for inquiries  
Change of password for notice bankbooks  
IB bankcard business Change of password    
IB bankcard's statements Statement of the latest 10 transactions  
Statement of the transaction history  
Statement of the account transactions    
Transfer Transfer from bankcard to bankcard  
Transfer from bankcards to demand bankbooks  
Convert from demand accounts to time account of bankcard    
Different agent service Fee-collection service  
Transfer from banking account to security account Transfer from bankcard to capital account
Transfer from capital account to bankcard
banking-security account checks
Renew transaction history books    
Bankbooks updates      
Agent service      
Registration on loss Registration on loss    
Corporate Banking Change of password    
Inquiries on detailed transactional statements    
Checks on account balance    
The instruction to the change of withdrawal limits, open and shut of functions for our wealth management card at the ATM and CRS
Functions The requirement for withdrawal limit, open or shut of functions
Withdrawal (1) The withdrawal limits of one single transaction is 2500-10000 yuan (depending on individual machines), the highest limit per day per card is 20000.
(2) We automatically provide withdrawal service for our wealth management card, the highest withdrawal limits per day is 20000 yuan.
(3) The clients can apply to change the limits of withdrawal or shut down the withdrawal service at the counter, the highest withdrawal limits per day is 20000 yuan.
Transfer (1) We automatically provide transfer services for our wealth management card, the highest shared limit of interbank transaction or trans-bank transaction per day is 50000 yuan.
(2) The CRS has a shared limit of 50000 yuan on interbank transaction or trans-bank transaction. The client can apply to change the limit of transfer or shut down the transfer service, the highest limits remains.
(3) The transfer between different IB bankcards (with identical account holders and ID) has no limit per day.
Deposit We suggest our clients do not make one single deposit over 10000 yuan.

• When checking the statements of IB cards transaction history, please enter the eight digits starting date and finishing date.

• When you need to check the accounts balance of your FX demand account, please enter the "card business→statement of account transactions".

•"Introduction to our banking service" will guide you to conduct the basic business of personal and corporate banking.

• When the content of your inquiries are in multiple pages, please use the "last page" "next page" button on the interface.

• The "back" button on the interface can allow you to go back to the previous menu.

Friendly reminder

• The passwords used on the ATM, CRS and Self-help service is the withdraw passwords; the following refers as the "password".

• When using the ATM, CRS and Self-help service, you should protect your password and prevent other people from peeping.

• You should keep your bankcard, password, and ID separately.

• Do not use numbers that is overly simple or easy to guess as your password.

• Please finish each step within 30 seconds, or the system will automatically exit your bankcard.

• Please notice and withdraw the currency that is unrecognizable for the CRS immediately.

• Try not to print customer receipt, if you do, please keep them properly, in case your information is used for illegal purposes.

• Look up for false notices and announcements in case criminals used the ATM, CRS and Self-help service for fraud.

• The clients who need bankbook service through self-service banking, please bring your bankbook, and use the self-help service.

• The self-help service can only be used to conduct the business of our bank.

• The clients must open the transfer channel between the bankcard and the security account to conduct banking-security transfer.

• The clients must use bank account to conduct banking-security transfer.

• For more detailed introduction of the banking-securities business, please refer to personal banking securities business introduction.

• If you have any questions, please contact us, you can call our national service hotline 95561 for support.