“Spring blossoms, gorgeous costumes”---Event exclusive for clients of IB Qingdao branch private banking

In the afternoon of April 30TH, 2014 on Wednesday, at Qingdao Center, to strengthen the construction of client system, highlight our first-rate private banking services, meet the high-end customers’ requirements and develop new clients, Qingdao branch held an event exclusive for private bank clients and potential clients, providing honorable, exclusive and professional services and promoting our communication with them.

There are more than 40 clients from 5 downtown sub-branches invited to participate in this event with the theme of trend and new products of spring and summer costumes issued in this season. The site layout of event is pleased and vogue, seats were comfortable, dessert and beverage were exquisite. All guests were greeted by smiling service staff in fashion dress.

At 2pm the event began with an enthusiastic Latin dancing show and followed by a hair style show performed by international styling designer. Vogue advisor then introduced for the clients the international trend of spring and summer costumes in 2014 and commented the trend of several famous brands. There was also a garments displaying by professional models for our clients’ visualized understanding. The whole event was in a pleasant atmosphere.

This activity has strengthened the trust of our private bank clients which had been established for a long time, improved the intimate relationship between our bank and clients and highlighted our quality services and care. Thanks for the cooperation of branch and sub-branches which made the activity praised by our clients and ended in a satisfactory way.