Changsha Branch Held Information Session Tour for Overseas Education

With the strong support of the Head Office of Industrial Bank Private Banking and the overseas study service BE Education, on May 25th, Changsha Branch lanched the overseas study information session tour with a theme of ‘To live a wealthy and wise life, To be accompanied by IB’, in the hope to service the need of going abroad to study among children of our high-end clients. More than 30 clients joined us at this event. We introduced our services provided, emphasizing on the high-end value-added services. Experts from BE Education also attended the session on our invitation to connect with clients and answered their questions related to studying in foreign countries especially in United States and United Kingdom for their children. We also invited representatives from Xiaoxiang Morning Herald and Changsha Evening News to participate in the session in order to strengthen our private banking’s brand awareness, increase our banking customer satisfaction level and further advance the development of our private banking services.


Judging by the feedbacks from clients, our value-added services seemed to be highly appraised, especially for the one-to-one education consultation service. After the presentation, the clients were eager to learn about how to access our services in the successive consulting session. Near the end of the session, a couple of clients still remained trying to get their answers, and we extended the activity for half an hour. After the session, our staff proceeded to pay return visits and follow up with potential customers. By the time, some of them have stated their intentions to transfer funds into IB to become verified clients so as to enjoy the exclusive services provided.

The two mainstream media in Changsha, Xiaoxiang Morning Herald and Changsha Evening News also released their advertorials on the event where the value-added services of private banking were fully disseminated and gained excellent market effects.