A tasteful gathering of guqin music and fragrances at Yunshang

- a incense ritual experience

Enjoying incense and tea, and sharing incense lores and participating in incense rituals is what transpired on June 7th, at the incense salon in No 18th Gongxiang Alley,one of the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys in Fuzhou. The event, aptly refered to as A tasteful gathering of guqin music and fragrances at Yunshang.

This salon was organized by Yushang Club and the Fujian Incense Association, and sponsored by the Fuzhou Branch of Industrial Bank. Some clients of IB private banking were invited to participate in the salon. The deputy president of Incense Association and founder of Shanghetang Incense, Jueru, came on our invitation and shared his knowledge on the basics of fragrances, including its categories, how to choose natural flavorants and its applications in everyday life.

The sound of guqin flows over the wispy smoke rising from the incense, the guests had a soothing spiritual experience in the antique, tranquil and elegant atmosphere, they enjoyed activities such as introduction on traditional Chinese incense culture, watching professional incense artist perform the free flowing style of incense ritual, and take the first attempts to smelling agarwood. The guests have said that they felt as if they had stole half a day of complete relaxation when they were graced with that wisp of incense and that ‘the entire city of  Fuzhou seemed to be peaceful and aromatic’. They even got a sense of reluctance to part from the exquisite tranquility belongs to this afternoon.