Luxury Car Test Drive Exclusive for Private Banking Clients of Industrial Bank Chengdu Branch

---A Tesla Test Drive Program

In order to provide products and services interested by private banking clients and increase the customer experience and sense of belonging, Industrial Bank Chengdu Branch held a Tesla Test Drive Program titled “Specifically Yours” from August 6th to August 8th. We invite 99 high net worth private banking clients in the hope that they could enjoy the excellent performance and quality of Tesla and also have the chance to experience the comprehensive and high-end service and innovative concepts of environmental protection that the Industrial Bank provides.. This activity is developed on the basis of the concept of green management, which coincides with Tesla’s mission of accelerate the promotion of sustainable transportation development.

The first Tesla(China) Company Ltd cooperation with a bank in Sichuan Province in launching such event received immediate responses from the high-end clients, some even made specific trips from other part of the province to Chengdu to participate in the program, which is why we extended the duration of the activity from 2 days to 3 days.

The private banking center made detailed arrangements and organization in the design of the procedures, decorations and customer invitations, and also provided flowers and greeting cards for clients. The staff invited the interested clients by text messages and phone calls, gently reminded them of the time and location, and up on arrival, each customer is guided to the test drive site personally by the customer service manager to give our customers the most detail oriented and thoughtful services.

Tesla provide the only two cars available in Chengdu for this event, one for test drive, the other one for display. There’re 4 trained test drive personnel to provide answers and escort the customers on test drives; Tesla’s regional manager for Southwestern China also attended the event to ensure the high quality of the service.

Our guests took turns to participate in the test drive in an orderly fashion. Each of them is led to sign up by branch staff up on arrival to pick up flowers and gift package, and then received detailed introductions on Tesla by its staff working in front of the displayed car. During their driving, a well trained Tesla escort will accompany the customers to guarantee safety and satisfaction. After, customers are invited to the reception center to rest with tea, fruits and snacks served. High praises were given by the guests on the seamless transaction of each steps of the event, and the overall approval rating were also considerable.

We also invite the friends from media, West China City Daily, Chengdu Economic Daily, Chengdu Metro Express and Chengdu radio classic FM 94.6, to take part in the test drive event. Our warm welcome allowed them not only experienced the excellent performance of Tesla but also gained an insight to the all around high-end services provided by IB private bank and the innovative concept of environment protection. The participation of our media friends have greatly improved the effectiveness of the promotion.

This “Specifically Yours” Tesla Test Drive Program not only allowed clients to experience the professional, enthusiastic, thoughtful and attention to detail services that we offer, but also delivered IB’s servicing concept concerning personal interests of customers. Everyone seemed to really enjoyed the test drive event, and are totally absorbed in the fun, some even asked for more similar activities to be held in the future relating to their personal interests. We are committed to providing more personalized services in all aspects for customers while maintain the same high standard of our basic financial services, and continue to make progress to improve the level of clients stickiness and satisfaction. While implementing the transformation from a private banking service bank to a consulting driven bank, we will also further strengthen the communication with the customers.