Feng, Lun :New Real Estate Development Mode of China in the next 10 years

- a briefing on Large Scale Themed Event - Industrial Bank Celebrity Forum (Shijiazhuang)

On August 31st, IB private banking department held a Large Scale Themed Event - Industrial Bank Forum (Shijiazhuang), where entrepreneur and Scholar Feng, Lun and our clients got together and shared his views on future real estate development mode of China in ten years. This high-end cultural feast unveiled at Zhongcheng Holiday Hotel. The director of private banking department of IB head office, the president of Shijiazhuang branch, deputy Shijiazhuang branch president, vice president and president assistant attended this activity.

In just two hours, Mr Feng analyzed the actual state of the Chiense real estate market while commentating on the current development trend of the national economy and international real estate market, and shared his forecast of the Chinese real estate market in the next ten years. Mr Feng believed that the fast-growing expansion phase of the puberty of the Chinese real estate industry was gone with the falling birth rate and slowing economic development pace. The golden age of hording land for money that was the last twenty years have gone to pass. The development of future real estate industry will be at a crossroad faced with choices to go in to four different directions, and only along these four directions can real estate industry continued to maintain its vigorous development. After vivid analysis and wonderful explanations of real cases, Mr Feng also lead a heated discussion with private banking clients. The activity was concluded with the applause and some lingering feelings from all the guests.