Private Banking Elites Cultivating Club

——Briefing on Parent-child activity of Decypher the Secret of Ivy League Universities Enrollment

Children’s education always attracted great attention from Chinese high net worth individuals, and incidentally also a top priority in private banking service system both domestic and overseas. In order to create a influential children’s education service brand and improve the sense of recognition and loyalty for all the customers, IB Guangzhou branch tailored a series of Elites Cultivating Club activities. Following the success of the parent-child activity themed “Go to Bank with Dad”, on September 27th, an another popular activity “Elites Cultivating Club - Decypher the Secret of Ivy League Universities Enrollment” is introduced and highly praised among the clients.

The Ivy League originally refered to the sporting league of eight universities in northeastern US, including: Harvard University, founded in 1636, Yale University, founded in 1701, University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1740, Princeton University, founded in 1746, Columbia University founded in 1754, Brown University founded in 1764, Dartmouth College founded in 1769 and Cornell University founded in 1865.

These eight universities are first-class institutions enjoying excellent reputation of long history with their academic excellence, high quality teaching staff, and selectivity in admissions. According to the figures from the American National Center of Education Statistics, 7 of the 8 universities have declared in public that they have reduced the enrollment rate for Chinese students this fall. And the statistics show that the enrollment rate of Chinese freshmen in Harvard is merely 6.2% this autumn. Based on the previous high Chinese students ratio, more overseas universities taken measures to control the proportion of students from different countries. At the same time, they will adopt more strict standard in evaluating the students. With the increase of tuition in USA, local students will take school fees as an important criteria while choosing a university.

Faced with such phenomenon where it becomes harder for Chinese students to study in Ivy League universities, IB private banking invited Mr Don Betterton, the former General Officer of Enrollment and Financial Assistant Committee of Princeton and a member of National University Council and Professor Zhou, Mi, an expert in overseas education, study abroad planning, parent-child interaction education and family relations, to give an comprehensive analysis on “criteria for excellence” in Ivy league universities admissions, share success stories on “how to inspire the children’s maximum potentials” to gain entrance to those universities, to give the children of our private banking clients a leg up.

25 private banking clients and 10 other potential customers attended the activity on our invitation. In the set up stage, the branch staff made careful on-site arrangements to enable the customers to have a differentiated, personalized and detail oriented experience. Firstly, breaking the routine of a square display form and used a semicircle instead for a closer contact and easier access to the guests in a relaxed atmosphere; secondly, a dedicate afternoon tea is provided as well as a part of the private communication and questions and answers session.

During the event, our private banking department introduced our value-added services, latest products and events, made special mentions of our main retail services: overseas financial products of “Universal Life” such as traveling loans and study abroad loans as well as high-end platinum credit card. Some customers showed keen interest in the Universal Life credit card and study abroad loans, and proceeded with a one-on-one conversation with our staff.

Private banking department promoting latest products, events and main retail services

One on one interaction with Mr Don Betterton and a customer

Guangzhou branch will continue to launch a series of Elite Cultivating Club activities, strive to promote the popularity and authority of IB in the fields of children’s education, provide a comfortable communication platform for children of our clients, encourage customer participation, fully integrate customer resources to promote brand recognition and loyalty among the children of private banking clients.