Summary on Overseas Education Consultation held by Industrial Bank Lanzhou Branch

The rise of personal study abroad, international travels and emigrations spawned a vast going-abroad financial market. To further promote the development of private banking service, Industrial Bank private banking department attempted to begin the transition from ‘an asset management bank’ to ‘a consultancy-driven bank’ focusing on private banking clients expansion. IB Lanzhou branch has held an overseas education introduction session for the children of private banking clients in Elite Cultivation Club. On July 27th, Lanzhou Branch organized another overseas education consultation along with JJL Overseas Education to provide value-added services to private banking clients. At the meantime, the latest going-abroad financial brand of IB-Universal Life came to its debut, bringing series of convenient services for students in Lanzhou who will study abroad including study loans, credit cards, foreign exchange, visa delivery and so on.

With the presentation of video clips and PPT slides introducing the brief history of IB Lanzhou Branch, we expressed to the clients the importance we pay to the ‘Universal Life’ as a going-abroad financial brand in meeting the requirements for clients with professional services and excellent financial products. During the consultation, embassy counselors and representatives from renowned foreign institutions provided one on one counseling for the parents and children intending to study abroad.

In this event, we have advised 50 high-end private banking clients on matters regarding studying overseas and gathered information of over 220 potential clients, with many of them being high-quality potential customers. Many quests showed high interest in debit cards, credit cards and study loans of the ‘Universal Life’ and asked for detailed information about going-abroad financial products during and after the consultation, and our staff provided from the one on one explanations for them.

The collaboration between JJL Overseas Education and our bank has achieved periodical success in this event. In order to promote the ‘Universal Life’ more extensively and more in depth, Lanzhou Branch will launch a series of going-abroad financial salons in diverse forms this year. By carrying out the consultations and salons, Lanzhou Branch strives to improve the brand awareness and dominance of our going-abroad financial brand in Lanzhou area, in order to create an excellent one-stop financial service outlets.